WARMER MIXTAPES #857 | by O. M. [Solver]

1. Culprate | Two
When I heard this song, I discovered the mental power of Music... This song is really powerful and the ending is so surprising & wonderful at the same time, that's why I love this song.

2. Garbage | Not Your Kind Of People
I found this in a trailer of a video game, now I'm listening to it with my girlfriend and it connect us more & more, I recommend this song to all the lovers out there!

3. Flying Lotus | Zodiac Shit
This is for me the greatest masterpiece ever created. Words cannot explain this beautiful & complex song, I'm still asking how can Flying Lotus create a song like this one...

4. Dream Koala | We Can't Be Friends
I'm used to listen to this in the morning, that's why I always spend good days.

5. Shlohmo | Rained The Whole Time
This one... I don't know what to say, it's one of the best Music pieces I've heard in my life, just listen to it to understand!

6. Starry.K | Pillow Talk (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Original Soundtrack)
One of my favorite games ever. This song reminds me of the summer even in winter, haha.

7. TOKiMONSTA | Soul To Seoul
I use this song for meditation, and it works every time!

8. Lone | Airglow Fires
I love this song because it's from an Underground artist, but everybody loves it, that's an example of the evolution of Music. That's why I always listen to this.

9. King Krule | Portrait In Black And Blue
I discovered it on the Internet and it makes me buy a guitar! Now I know how to play guitar... When I'm thinking, Music is just waves that we hear in the Space, but it can change people, I'm sure about that.

10. Akira Yamaoka | Theme Of Laura (Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtrack)
I fell in love with this track when I was a little kid, I'm still listening to it today!