WARMER MIXTAPES #860 | by Christopher Ward [Tropics]

1. Julian Lynch | Back
Hazy, super mellow and enchanting. Also has a lovely Psychedelic moment where you may have to look at your feet to check you're not levitating.

2. Kashif | Don't Stop My Love
Early 80s Funk don't get better than this guy. Passionate, soulful and romantic.

3. Memory Tapes | Swimming Field
The only word I can think of to sum up this beautiful piece of Music is lullaby. One of the best album openings I've ever heard. Reminds me a lot of my second year of University.

4. Broken Social Scene | Passport Radio
I'll take this song with me wherever I go.

5. Gene Krupa And Buddy Rich | The Monster
From 5 minutes in, to the end of the song: I'll have what the drummer's having...

6. Black Moth Super Rainbow | Fields Are Breathing
I actually listened to this band a lot when trying to get ideas for slower tracks on Parodia Flare. There's an uplifting sensation, but at the same time something very sad and isolated about this song.

7. John Lee Hooker | Highway 13
He's the coolest guy and he makes the coolest Music I've ever heard. This Vintage Blues track is scorching hot.

8. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
Reminds me of driving during the summer a few years ago. There's something about Brian Wilson's vocals especially in this song. Hauntingly beautiful yet warm and assuring.

9. Dimlite | Loins
Beautiful dissonance and key changes, a lot of Psychedelic noises and incredibly cool drums. This EP and Prismic Tops were great inspiration for my LP.

10. The Miles Davis Quintet | 'Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk Cover)
I like listening to Miles Davis on a very late night journey, yes, but strangely - also before I go out for a night of partying. It's warm, soothing and good for premeditating a night's events.