WARMER MIXTAPES #868 | by Brandon Christopher Butler [Miami Marci]

1. Future | Karate Chop (feat. Casino)
Karate Chop by Future is a song that really connects with me. It’s a song that’s just full of that raw energy, that super turnt emotion that everyone can relate to. It also essentially served as the theme song for the Trap Paradise event in Miami that is making a very severe impact on my city and the culture.

2. XXYYXX | About You
This song brings me to a really unique space of Music, where I was basically opening my mind up to different possibilities of Sound, and Recording. It was used as the score for a Clothing Promotional Visual by a young man named Jalil Peraza of DONDA. The concept of the Visual resonated with me on a lot of levels, and the sounds accompanying it were just really inspiring to me.

3. Rocko | U.O.E.N.O. (feat. Future & Rick Ross)
Rocko is another artist out of Atlanta who, in my opinion, is slightly under-rated. He speaks about Realistic Motivational situations, and has a unique wordplay. The Production by Childish Major is just awesome also, since it’s a really Chill vibe. Real song to just roll the windows down to and feel like you run shit for a second.

4. Key! | Recoup
Key! is a member of a group of Forward Thinking young homies out of Atlanta called Two9, who I actually happen to be pretty good friends with. He has an incredibly unique sound, and an uncanny skill of creating catchy hooks and melodic hums that have no choice but you install themselves into your head. The track was done by a producer named TrapMoneyBenny, who I’m really enjoying right now, too. I like the songs from Key! and Two9 so much because it reminds me of the times that we spent in Atlanta during my College years, basically coming into creatives and musicians together on our own paths.

5. Miami Marci | Cutting Cards
I have to include this song at the moment, because this is the song that’s actively on repeat. It’s the latest song that I’ve written, and it happened really quickly. It’s called Cutting Cards because I put the song together after a game of Spades with friends. Cutting Cards is a song from my latest EP, titled Dark Matter. It follows the previous song WEAK, and is really a song where I just wanted to explore a few different possibilities as far as the process that I put together records. It came alive after certain additions, and I’m just really proud of it right now.

6. Bobby Biscayne | Wanted Poster
Bobby Biscayne is an artist out of Miami that is really about to change the scape of things. His debut project is originally and completely produced by me, and the song that I’m liking a lot is called Wanted Poster. It’s just really cool to see someone’s interpretation of my work, and actually contribute to it creatively without it sounding bad. In Miami, there’s a large lack of Creativity, so to know that I’m involved with something that not only sounds good to me, but to lots of other people, is really cool.

7. Chief Keef | Citgo
Chief Keef is a young rebel out of Chicago who everyone loves to hate. Citgo is a song that has this vibe to it that you never really understand why it would be a song you like. Harmonies are awesome, the beat is simple and different, and Chief Keef singing is comically inspirational. On top of the fact that during my Atlanta time, the Citgo gas station was a spot that I’m very familiar with, for all types of crazy stories.

8. Dom Kennedy | So Elastic
Dom Kennedy is a West Coast rapper from Leimert Park that has that Homie vibe. He’s the dude you can relate to for throwing a getty at the house and making good food with good drinks and BMWs outside. I like his Music because I have friends from California also, and it reminds me of the times that we’ve had, and the way that they are. I also like the context of Dom’s Mature wordplay, and his Production is always super Organic and awesome.

9. Rick Ross | Box Chevy
Really aggressive, hard record by Ross out of Miami. Ross is my favorite rapper, because he’s from where I’m from, and has reached a really good spot in his career. He makes great Music, he has an eye and ear for Sound, and this record is super mean. I pull up with my windows down to this.

10. Wiz Khalifa | Deep Sleep
Wiz Khalifa’s Deep Sleep is a reminiscent song for me, because even though Kush and Orange Juice isn’t the project that this song belongs to, it’s the song that got me through really difficult times, and really incredible memories. This song is super smooth, super Old School, and almost Timeless to me because it’s true to what Khalifa lives and what lots of people aspire to do.