WARMER MIXTAPES #897 | by Corey Martin [TOBOGGAN/[Blank]/VER6] of MUTEKNIGHT

1. The Dave Brubeck Quartet | Blue Rondo À La Turk
My friend Mike Din introduced me to Dave Brubeck years ago and this, the Opening Track on Time Out, is forever one of my favourites. The Time Signature and Mood Switches are amazing.

2. Amon Tobin | Golfer Vrs Boxer
Amon Tobin's Music is always so engaging and Cinematic. His song Golfer Vrs Boxer from Supermodified really made an impression on me, it's really Chaotic, but still so Precisely Organized. His last album ISAM is so Inventive and intense, it makes me laugh nervously every time I listen to it.

3. Chris Clark | Proper Lofi
I love how Chris Clark's Music has matured over the years, but I'll always prefer the energy and Playfulness of his first LP Clarence Park. Proper Lofi is a really fun and infectious track. Bricks and Lord Of The Dance too. The whole album is so good.

4. Boards Of Canada | Amo Bishop Roden
Boards Of Canada changed my life. Amo Bishop Roden was one of the first tracks of theirs that I heard and I remember feeling oh, this is possible both about the Music itself and its Emotional Resonance. I envy anyone who doesn't know their Music yet.

5. Aphex Twin | Fingerbib
Getting to know Aphex Twin was a similar experience. I don't know if it's my favourite, but Fingerbib is really great. A lot of his songs couldn't have less in common with each other, so it's hard to compare them, but I love the whole spectrum.

6. Daniel Johnston | Walking The Cow
I got pretty actively obsessed with Daniel Johnston's Music and Drawings a few years ago. He's easily my Favourite Songwriter Ever and Walking The Cow is one of his most infectious and moving songs.

7. The Books | S Is For Evrysing
The first thing I heard by The Books was their second album, The Lemon Of Pink, and it was really Inspiring. Their approach to Composition is really exciting to me and I still get Sentimental every time I hear their Music. All their albums are great.

8. My Bloody Valentine | To Here Knows When
My friend David used to work at a Record Store and had pretty Sophisticated Taste, so I'd always trust him to tell me what to buy, and one time he recommended Loveless. I was really affected by the Melodies and Textures, and also by the choice to bury the Vocals and Drums in the Mix. It's so important to their Sound and made me realize that Mixing involves Artistic Choices.

9. Fleetwood Mac | Silver Springs
Fleetwood Mac are my favourite band. I was really into the Sound of their album Tango In The Night for a while and Sampled it repeatedly on my album Toboggan. Silver Springs was not on that album, but it's probably my favourite song of theirs and certainly I think Stevie Nicks' most moving song.

10. Kate Bush | Hounds Of Love
I love Kate Bush. She's an incredible Lyricist and her Music is brilliant. Hounds Of Love is both my favourite album and song.

+11. Darondo | Didn't I
So that's my mixtape, but I'd like to give an honourable mention to Darondo's Didn't I, which I've been listening to on repeat lately, and also to Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, The Ramones, The Clash, Bob Dylan, J Dilla, Hudson Mohawke, MF DOOM, Squarepusher, Gil Scott-Heron, Gary Wilson, Ariel Pink, The Smiths, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, New Order and The Cure, all of whom I was an obsessive fan of at some point or another.