WARMER MIXTAPES #899 | by Sebastian Kreis and Ahmad Larnes of Schwarz Dont Crack

Photos by Vitali Gelwich

SIDE A | by Ahmad Larnes

1. Prince | The Cross
Everytime I listen to this song I reminded of the first time hearing, as a child. At the time, the Lyrics meant nothing, but the emotion conveyed still penetrated me. The song goes from Soft and Intimate and gradually becomes HUGE!!! The Lyrics and the Symbolism are Timeless.

2. Aaliyah | One In A Million
This song (at least for me) revolutionized R'n'B... Timbaland's Production, and Aaliyah's sweet but sassy Vocals... DAMN! So good.

3. The Black Keys | Everlasting Light
So fucking Bluesy... So sexy... That Falsetto just gets to me!!! I'm a shephard for you... Can listen to this song all day long.

4. Stevie Wonder | Look Around
My mother had one of the Most Amazing Record Collections. I would spend hours as a child just looking thru them, fascinated by the Album Cover Art. FUCK CD'S! I was obsessed with Chaka and super obsessed with Stevie, this song in particular. The Harpsichord, the Harmonies, the Lyrics... Another song I play constantly.

5. Prince And The Revolution | Condition Of The Heart
Yes, PRINCE RULES!!! Well, at least for me he does. This song takes you on a journey... Maybe during the Belle Epoque... Maybe during the roaring Twenties... Either way, it transports me everytime I listen to it.

6. Rufus | Your Smile (feat. Chaka Khan)
As a child, this woman’s Voice resonated thru out my home. My parents were bonafied 70’s Soul lovers, and this woman was the Queen. There will never be another Chaka. Her Vocals were just drippin' with Sex. This song for some reason makes me feel SO DAMN GOOD!!!

7. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott | Hot Boyz Remix (Original Version) (feat. Lil Mo, Nas, Eve And Q-Tip)
For me, the perfect fuckin' R'n'B song. Lil Mo singing the Chorus. When at home with friends, drinking, smoking, whatever... Put this track on, and EVERYBODY starts to dance.

8. Delta 5 | Mind Your Own Business
This song, with it’s Repetitive Nature, gets me so amped! I know the feeling of wanting something so bad, but getting shunned in the process... This is what this song means to me.

9. Prince | Forever In My Life
The ultimate Love song, sang with unquivering Vibrato. You believe every word Prince is singing. When I am with you, I have no past... All that fucking around I did, just don't matter... DAMN!!!

10. Frank Ocean | Pilot Jones
The song about the drug dealer who is also a stoner sung beautifully over a Minimal Beat. Everytime I hear this song, I close my eyes and imagine the scenario. It’s a sad and, at the same time, beautiful Love story.

SIDE B | by Sebastian Kreis

1. The Verve | Bitter Sweet Symphony
Best Song Ever Written and Best Music Video Ever Made! Every line in this song is so Essential and Inspiring. Watching that Video and actually understanding what it means, really changed my way of thinking about certain things.

2. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Playing The Piano Version)
One of the most beautiful Solo Piano pieces... There’s so much Melancholy in it, but also a lot of Happiness. Would be the perfect Soundtrack to a Wong Kar-Wai movie!

3. Pixies | Debaser
I first discovered this one in an episode of The O.C. which is my favorite Television Show... This song is heavier than every Heavy Metal song! The part after the second Chorus when Joey Santiago starts shredding his Guitar is just so powerful to me... Particularly love the Vocal interaction between Frank Black and Kim Deal in the Choruses.

4. Schrottgrenze | Am Gleichen Meer
This one reminds of that girl I met at High School. She was never really into me, but meeting her really changed everything for me. Listening to this song always brings the image of her face to my mind.

5. The Rolling Stones | Dead Flowers
My favorite Stones song! Just Classic Mick 'n' Keith: Send me dead flowers to my wedding... And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave...

6. The Notwist | Chemicals
One of the best German bands of the last 2 decades! The way they combined Electronics, Pop and Indie Rock on their record Shrink really served as a blueprint for Radiohead’s Kid A.

7. John Frusciante | Going Inside
Such a Pure and Honest song! To me thi song is better than everything he did with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Always found it kinda weird that Flea and him were wasting so much time with such a mediocre singer like Anthony Kiedis...

8. Radiohead | Pyramid Song
Thom Yorke once said that this is him trying to copy Freedom by Charles Mingus, but to me this sounds like Claude Debussy trying to write a Pop song... Fucking love the Vocal Arrangement. He’s more using his Voice as a Pad, while the Instruments take the Lead role.

9. Clipse | Mr. Me Too (feat. Pharrell Williams)
This might be my favorite Hip Hop Beat. Pusha T and Malice are as great as always, but Pharrell’s Production is what makes it sound ahead of its time or, more precisely, Timeless.

10. Millencolin | No Cigar 
Not really a huge fan of Pop Punk, but this combined with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2’s School Level is the shit!! Used to spend hours playing that game, while listening to this song...