WARMER MIXTAPES #901 | by Ştefan-Mihai Proca [Stemipro]

1. Jean-Michel Jarre | Second Rendez-Vous 
This track gives me the thrills every time I hear it, this is the most amazing track ever made, those emotions were just amazing and unique. Jean-Michel Jarre was the first reason I was captured by this whole world of Music Production. I remember seeing old videos of him on VHS when I was a little boy and I was just amazed of the greatness of this man. I know every track that Jean-Michel Jarre ever made, I still own his albums on cassettes and vinyls. Every sound that this man made was full of emotions, full of feelings and most of all full of Art.

2. Scatman John | Sing Now!
I don't realy remember too much of that track, because I haven't listened to it for a long time now, but I remember, when my dad bought the album on cassette, I played and played it over and over again for months and Sing Now! is the track that remained in my head.

3. PPK | Resurection (Radio Mix) 
Released in 2001. I think that is the most extraordinary track I've ever heard in my life. Nothing but Sounds that take you in a trip full of Emotions and full of wonderful moments, makes me feel like my life is a huge succes of emotions.

4. La Familia | Încă Aici
An unreleased track from 2002. The reason I love this track so much is that the Lyrics kind of take back to the Roots, the places where I grew up, the friends and the life I had at those times and makes me keep my head up in this world just because I am Still Here (Încă Aici).

5. Everything But The Girl | Missing
Released in 1994 if I remember right. Here is a track wich brings up so much memories about my parents, it was their favorite song so it became mine too. This song is full of Emotion and everytime I hear it it's just like I travel to Time and see my parents fighting and kissing each other and this song just plays in my mind.

6. Gheto Boys | Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
From 1994, another track that I love. This track just makes my day everythime I hear it, the Lyrics are so strongly made and just makes me laugh while I am very serious about the situation disputed in the track.

7. Valeriu Sterian Şi Compania De Sunet | Nopţi
Made in 1991, a track which remained in my soul and my mind years and years in row. The Lyrics of the track simply caught my attention from the start God... Come, God!... To see what's left of Humans... This track just blew my mind since I was little, like the song was written in blood.

8. Underworld | Born Slippy .NUXX (Extended)
Released in 1996 and that I can remember for sure! I was 6 years old when I heard that track for the first time, it was the longest track I've heard at that age (in my mind, of course). I recorded it on a cassette from TV in the first place, but then my dad bought me a cassette which included that track also.

9. John Creamer And Prince Quick Mix | Fuck Sonnet 
I remember this track was released in 2002 and I first heard it on a CD which I got it from a friend of my dad, in that day I wasn't having a CD Player anymore and went straight to the shop to buy one so I can listen to that CD over and over again. I still have that CD, it brings me good old memories.

10. Kraftwerk | Die Roboter (Single Edit)
From the album called The Man-Machine, released in 1978 if I can recall. I remember I was like 6 or 7 years old and I found this cassette through my dad's stuff and I was totally hypnotized by those awkwardly awesome sounds which came through my speakers.