1. Walter Marchetti | Da Nulla E Verso Nulla
Is this the Best Composition Ever Created…?

2. Maurice Ravel | Boléro (Tempo Di Boléro Moderato Assai) (Played by Boston Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Seiji Ozawa)
The Geatest Hit Song of the Ages. Only the Long Version works…

3. China Crisis | Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives
Along about 50 other Perfect songs.

4. Petesa-Uta Congregational Christian Church Of American Samoa Choir | Iesu O Le Fiafia (Samoan Hymn)
This song comes from the book Pouliuli by Albert Wendt. This book is an Evocation about Deliberate Madness. Including the Perfect Natural Metaphors...

5. Percy Bysshe Shelley | The Cloud (Recorded by Leonard Wilson)
Is this the Best Poem Ever Written…?

6. David Behrman | Leapday Night 
Behrman opened a gate for me.

7. Gonçalo Tocha | É Na Terra Não É Na Lua
A nice Modern Evocation of The Island.

8. Zoltán Jeney | Orpheus' Garden
Is this the Best Composition Ever Written…?

9. The Cory's Shearwater
When you hear this call, you know you are in a Beautiful Spot of the World.

10. Sanford Ponder | Watergarden  
From the album Etosha - Private Music In The Land Of Dry Water... Stylized and Sequenced Emotions. There was one year when I've played this record about 100 times. Oh, the past...