WARMER MIXTAPES #949 | by Carlos Serrano

1. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
What can I say about this song apart that it is Pure Genius. The Bright, Steel Drum burst of Ecstasy that perfectly suits a Sunny San Diego evening. Far Nearer puts me back in Summer '11, riding in my car with the windows down and just enjoying Life.

2. Earth Wind & Fire | Let's Groove
One of the first Disco tracks I was introduced to and instantly fell in Love with. It's impossible to listen to this song without wanting to get up and dance. Sometimes I wish we still had Music like this today...

3. Daft Punk | Something About Us
Quite possibly one of my favorite songs of the 90's Era. Blissed-Out Filter Disco mixed with a Hypnotizing Vocal, this song inspired me to start Producing. The inexplicable feeling I had when first listening to this track was Unreal. Listening to this song on a beautiful San Diego Sunset made me realize that I wanted to create the same feeling for other people.

4. The Killers | Mr. Brightside
The Killers were introduced to me by my older brother as he was always a big fan of Rock Music. They quickly became one of my favorite bands after listening to Hot Fuss, an album that will always have the same Magic as it did on the first listen.

5. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
I'm a huge fan of Kanye West, the man is a Genius and is a huge Inspiration to me. Everything from the Production on his tracks to the Cover Art of his albums, he makes sure everything is made to Perfection. I was a fan of Kanye West before Flashing Lights, but after listening to the elegant Synths, mesmerizing Hook and simplistic Beat I was hooked. This song also reminds me of someone who holds a very special place in my heart.

6. Bronski Beat | Smalltown Boy
I first discovered this song when I was looking for the Sample of one of my favorite House tracks Tell Me Why by Supermode. As a huge fan of the Supermode track, I didn't think I would enjoy the Original more than than Tell Me Why, but I was completely wrong. This song is one of the reasons why I would have loved to live in the 80's.

7. Daryl Hall & John Oates | I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
This song brings me back to riding in the car with my parents on our way to dinner on Sunday evenings. I was always a huge fan of the Music my parents would play in the car. Everything from Sade, David Bowie, KC & The Sunshine Band, and Ohio Players would always be on repeat. My parents without a doubt had a heavy influence on the Music I listen to today.

8. Sade | Cherish The Day
I don't think anyone could not appreciate the beauty of this song. The gentle Guitar accompanying Sade's soothing Vocals, this is easily one of my favorite songs of All Time. Pure Magic...

9. Orbital | Belfast
This is one of the songs that once it's Sound Waves approaches my ears I slip into a deep Trance. Using the Sample of Soprano Emily Van Evera performing O Euchari the track gives me the feeling of traveling in Space, a common feeling in a lot of Orbital tracks. One of my good friends showed me this piece on Vinyl and is one of the main reasons I started to get into Electronica.

10. Eric B. & Rakim | Paid In Full
This is possibly one of my Favorite Hip-Hop Tracks Ever. Laidback and Funky, this song is one of the main reasons I got into the Hip-Hop Culture.