1. Wolfram | Thing Called Love (feat. Haddaway) (Legowelt Remix) 
Just when I got the Master of this great remix back in 2011 James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem wrote me that he loves it and that he wants it on Vinyl which made me happy. It's perfect to go on a Permanent Vacation starting this Summer.

2. Andrew Butler, Shaun J. Wright | Forevermore 
Andy Butler who is the main man behind his project Hercules And Love Affair released this beautiful track he Produced for the awesome singer Shaun Wright who is also a singer in the band Hercules And Love Affair! Shaun is like a deeper version of the 80s Disco Star Sylvester who even my mum know from You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).

3. Wolfram | Out Of Control (feat. Paul Parker)
Speaking of Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)! Paul Parker who is now over 60 years old used to sing with Sylvester and he had a Billboard Dance Charts #1 Hit with Right On Target, Produced by Patrick Cowley. He was so kind to sing on my album on the label Permanent Vacation and this Vinyl came out via Clone Record Distribution with a special Gay Hi-Energy Mix.

4. Invisible Conga People | In A Hole 
Perfect Slow House with nice Pitched Down Vocals which reminded me a bit of The Knife. Dark Hypno Summer Alarm.

5. Art Department | Without You
Really nice album and it totally deserves its Hype.

6. Storm Queen | Look Right Through
It was my Winter Anthem and made it also to my Spring and now Summer Anthem. Just Beautiful.

7. Aeroplane | My Enemy (Rex The Dog Remix)
I had a gig in Norway with Aeroplane and we were hanging out and had fun and Vito gave me this nice Rex The Dog Remix. Enjoy it a lot.

8. Pional | Into A Trap
Beautiful release on the label where I released my album. Really nice Slow Hypnotic track with a touch of 80s. Pional is from Madrid. That's all I know.

9. The Crystal Ark | Touch
A release I received two years ago from DFA's Gavin Russom who is also known for his project Black Meteoric Star and who was part of LCD Soundsystem before they played their last concert. Only listened to the Promo once, but Loved the Instrumental Version already. Great Percussive Release.

10. Wolfram | Roshi 
Normally by the time my Music gets released I can not hear it anymore since I heard it already over a 100 times. This was released in 2011 and I still like it. Ask me in a few weeks again... I might not like it anymore by then.