WARMER MIXTAPES #968 | by Matthew Pepitone [Derrida/Karmelloz]

1. Caroline Shaw | Partita: I. Allemande (Performed by Roomful Of Teeth)
I was first introduced to Caroline Shaw’s Music through the Fader’s wonderful feature on her and have been entranced ever since. Reminds me of Steve Reich, but even more unsettling, beautiful and updated.

2. T.E.A.M.S. | Original Theft
Easily my favorite track off the recent Sierra City Center (Diamond Club) Cassette out now on Grand Imperial. Classic T.E.A.M.S. with a twist, evidenced by the gnarly Guitar shredding throughout.

3. Greg Beato | Dreamin
It’s hard to pick just one Beato song as he’s consistently been one of my favorite Artists of the year, but this recent cut is him at his finest: Raw, Uncut, Lush and Acidy. What’s not to Love.

4. Special Request | Mindwash
Long Live Jungle! This song takes a Drum & Bass structure and subverts it in amazing ways. The Synth Drop about halfway through is to die for.

5. SO̶UL I̶PSUM | Sea Limo
I might be a little biased selecting this one, as it’s a song put out by my good friend Wyatt, and I just recently recorded a Remix of it, but the Original is a Psychedelic Ecosystem in and of itself. You can find it on his amazing Botanicals release, released on Cassette through Purr Tapes.

6. Laurel Halo | Zoo Hypothesis
This is from her Cassette on NNA Tapes, which I still haven’t been able to find anywhere! I like this song in part because of its name; I think the back and forth between Science and Music is interesting Philosophical Territory, and Music is in an unique position where it can critique Science, even Instrumentally. Not sure if that’s what she was going for, but that’s the feeling I get from this track.

7. Contact Lens | ALI
I don’t know a whole lot about Contact Lens, other than the fact that they show up in my Soundcloud feed regularly with really dope Music. I’d call this Post-Vaporwave, but that might be an insult. One of my favorite artists of 2013 regardless.

8. Jeremih | Love Hangover
Really great, Romantic R&B Jam from Chicago’s Jeremih. The Production on this one is amazing—I’m not sure when I’ll get sick of playing this song on constant repeat everywhere I go, but it hasn’t happened yet.

9. Yung Foxy | Icy Cunt
The description for this one on Soundcloud says AN OVERDUE BLEND BETWEEN THE HOTTEST/COLDEST GENRES IN THE GAME RN and mentions the three tracks violated for this Mix. It’s a triple mashup heavy in Grime and Vogue with percussive stabs from the Video Game Super Mario 64… I promise, it’s Crucial.

10. Gail Laughton | Pompeii 76 A.D.
Off the 1969 release Harps Of The Ancient Temples, this short Ambient gem was also featured incidentally in the film Blade Runner. Intertext/Hypertext.