WARMER MIXTAPES #970 | by Steve Eyre [Andrenachrome]

1. The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll 
Everything sounds like it’s on its limit before freaking out completely. It always brings me Happiness, always makes me think of how I saw America as some kind of Cool Utopian Planet as a kid, where everybody sounded like this! It's stuck with me through my life like a guardian and allows me to go right back and feel everything I first felt when I heard it for the first time, even now.

2. Dire Straits | Romeo And Juliet 
I don’t know what it was about Knopfler’ way with a Steel Guitar and a rags to Riches Dylan esque Vocal that struck me so hard, but it did, and, it sent me on a wild goose chase for years trying to track down a National Guitar of my own and learning to play this Note for Note. Its Uniqueness is that beautifully Finger Picked National that gives it some kind of weird wobble, like the whole song was recorded on a slowed down Tape Machine.

3. R.E.M. | Talk About The Passion 
This song opened the door to Adolescent Desires and Discovery (read into that what you like). Going back to Murmur shows just how strong R.E.M.’s talent was from day 1, every track on this debut from 1981 is a gorgeous Wave of Melody, Energy and Creative Brilliance that you just don’t hear often enough these days.

4. Joy Division | Love Will Tear Us Apart
I'm no Joy Division fan, but this is such a Dark vs. Light song. It screams Melancholy from every Musical orifice! The unfathomable mumblings of Curtis hide his short lived Lyrical Ambition. An instant Emotional Impact from the first Note, engaging and demanding of your Ears and Soul!

5. The Stranglers | Golden Brown 
Words fail me on this, it's a Masterpiece, 'nuff said!

6. Radiohead | Subterranean Homesick Alien
It's all down to Johnny Greenwood’s sublime Arrangement and beautiful Noise Sculptures that makes this impossible to let go of.

7. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
Every time I hear this I think how was this done? or how did it start?, even now you hear little Electronic Music that dares to go as far as this in a Commercial sense, it still sounds amazing Sonically.

8. New Order | Blue Monday 
Another Game Changing Electronic Masterpiece, it might be Kraftwerk inspired, but it's in a league of its own for me.

9. Ian Dury And The Blockheads | Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Here we have an unmatched, unrivalled Musical Outfit with one of the World's Most Gifted Bass Players locking down an impossible to remember yet easily recognisable Bassline that allows Dury to play the tongue in cheek Antagonistic Cockney Rhymer to Perfection! He should’ve got a knighthood for this!

10. Deerhunter | Coronado 
Deerhunter are prolific, they knock out gems for breakfast. This song captures that Lou Reed raw, ramshackle, Care Free Ambivalence, cool, understated super Sexy Sax. Everything that's good about Music is here!

+11. Cherry Ghost | People Help The People 
Certainly one of the Best Wordsmiths of the Current Day, Simon Aldred, (a fiery thong of muted angels giving Love, but getting nothing back) carving out his own trajectory of Gritty Romantic Doom.

+12. Johnny Cash | Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
Cash turns a Nine Inch Nails song into his own by giving such a personable unfiltered Vocal that drives grown men to tears. I loved Cash and this bought his career to fantastic bookend. So much Power with Precision and Fragility.

+13. David Bowie | I’d Rather Be High 
Guitars that go High, like a George Harrison Sitar Solo, this is Mr. B’s finest work in a long time.

+14. The Charlatans | A Man Needs To Be Told
Sounds like The Orb with Guitars, must be that Pedal Steel and Burgess floating about with his Falsetto that takes this so far away from their Manchester beginnings. This, from an album that I've never stopped dropping in to say Hi to.

+15. Kate Bush | Cloudbusting
Love the way this song builds and builds into a fabulous Crescendo of Strings and Voice, a once a year visit to this I just know that something good is gonna happen...