WARMER MIXTAPES #974 | by Tyrone Frost [Kamandi]

1. Zbigniew Preisner | Requiem For My Friend: Lacrimosa
This is Powerful. When I heard it for the first time I think I left this planet for 2-3 minutes.

2. Joy Division | Atmosphere
This Classic song is actually too good. I think Joy Division's Music inspired Witch House. I like a bit of Witch House.

3. The Field | Over The Ice
This song captures so much feeling with quite a simple format, Genius stuff.

4. Matt Furniss | The Terminator Opening Theme (on Sega Master System)
When I was young this was amazing, now it's amazing and nostalgic. When I hear the Music I feel like a child.

5. Godspeed You Black Emperor! | Sleep: Murray Ostril: "...They Don't Sleep Anymore On The Beach..."/Monheim/Broken Windows, Locks Of Love Pt. III./3rd Part
This always seemed to come on when having good times with good people, now I can put it on and pretend I'm having good times with good people. I'll probably die to this Music.

6. 2Pac | Dear Mama
I think people who don't like 2Pac might just be pretending? The Chopped And Screwed version of this is nice.

7. Dean Blunt | The Narcissist (feat. Inga Copeland)
I heard this for the first time not long ago and was pretty heavily into it. I still am. The Roughness of the Voices hits me deep.

8. Boards Of CanadaDandelion
All songs! Boards Of Canada taught me how truly beautiful Analogue Synths and Warbles can Sound.

9. Brian Eno | The Big Ship
I listen to this and, as more Layers come in, I feel more fucked up, in a really good way.

10. Burial | Endorphin
Words can't describe how amazing Burial's Music is. Untrue changed how I thought about Music, it changed what I wanted to do with Music, it changed my Life, easily.

+11. pxlx | s t x r c x m m x n d
I believe pxlx possesses something that I hope will be a huge part of the Future of Electronic Music. I'm so inspired by this kid, I like Music with deep feelings and he makes that kind of Music. When I hear this song, I'm forced into deep thought, I appreciate that.