WARMER MIXTAPES #982 | by Jack Hyde [Quiet Sun]

1. Bonobo | Sleepy Seven
It was difficult to pick a favourite from the album Animal Magic, but I particularly Love this track. The Samples fit together perfectly and it all just sounds so smooth. This album and other stuff on Ninja Tune around the same time was very much a gateway for me into Electronic Music.

2. Four Tet | She Moves She
I'm a big fan of all Four Tet's work and couldn't leave him out the list. The twinkly Harp Sample combined with the Drums on this one gets me everytime.

3. Lukid | Makes
I came across Lukid's Music a few years ago and have been completely hooked ever since. This track is full of subtlety and has this amazing Hypnotic feel to it. It gives me shivers and I don't think I will ever tire of it.

4. Manitoba | Brandon
I've picked this track from Caribou's first album Start Breaking My Heart as I wanted to show my Love for this album. The different Sounds and Melodies on this record are gorgeous and it has definitely had a big influence on me.

5. The Beatles | In My Life
Including The Beatles in this list was never in doubt, but deciding which song to pick was a tough one. There are so many Classics to choose from, but this is probably my favourite. I Love the Melody and Lyrics in this song very much.

6. Grizzly Bear | Little Brother 
I can't remember when I first started listening to Grizzly Bear, but I Loved this song straight away and it has been a favourite ever since. The Production on the entire record is outstanding and the Mlodies and Harmonies in this track are really beautiful.

7. Nick Drake | Pink Moon
I've grown up surrounded by a lot of 60s Folk and Psychedelic Music as my dad is a big fan of Music from that time. Fortunately this included being exposed to Nick Drake's Music and hearing this wonderful song. Brilliant Guitar Playing and Song Writing in this one.

8. Etta James | I'd Rather Go Blind
This is one of my favourite Blues songs and I feel like I will always Love going back to it. The song is Raw and Full of Emotion, and her Voice is amazing.

9. The Appletree Theatre | You're The Biggest Thing In My Life
I first heard this song a long time ago whilst travelling around in the car on holiday with my family. At the time I was pretty young and although I liked it then, it wasn't until I got more into Music that I rediscovered this song and realised how much I Loved it.

10. Robbie Basho | Blue Crystal Fire
I came across this song recently and was completely blown away by it. It is incredibly Haunting and Mysterious. The Singing and Guitar Playing is Exceptional and Really Unique.