WARMER MIXTAPES #1022 | by Lewis West [Westy/Moonracer]

1. Röyksopp | Senior Living
I discovered Röyksopp in 2007 after hearing Eple and immediately fell in Love with their Sound. I purchased Melody A.M. and it was on Repeat for months. I have all Röyksopp's albums, but Senior stands out for me, it's full of Emotion and very Organic. Senior Living to me is Alive in a sense, the Heartbeat Kick Drum, the Synths that seem to breathe between each Beat, like someone nearing the End of Their Days drifting In and Out of Past Memories before Everything just Fades.

2. The Shins | New Slang
The Shins' album Oh, Inverted World was my favourite album of 2008 and New Slang was the most played track from the album. It's almost Hypnotic in a sense, the song is over before you know it. This a great track to listen to on a Summer's day and just Reflect on your thoughts.

3. Helios | Halving The Compass
I discovered Helios in 2010. Helios is a Master Instrumentalist and Creates the Most Beautiful Tracks I Know, his Recording Techniques are Imperfect, you can hear his chair creaking, his fingers on the Keys and this adds a certain Vulnerability to his work. He is one of my main influences and when listening to his songs I am always reminded thats it's Not About Having the Perfect Recording of a Guitar or Drum, I like to hear the fingers on the Strings or the Piano, or the small mistakes that are recorded into the track, You Can Hear the Person Behind the Music Communicating With You, like saying 1000 Words at once without saying anything at all.

4. Boards Of Canada | Olson
Boards Of Canada are the Elusive Brothers from Scotland who create Awe Inspiring tracks. I discovered them in 2010 and my favourite album is probably The Campfire Headphase, but MHTRTC is a close second and the track Olson stands out for me. I get an Overwhelming Sense of Nostalgia when listening to Olson, like a Melody I have heard before but I don't know when or where. BOC's Music is so hard to explain, I can't quite put my finger on it. It's almost as if it's from Another World, floating through Space for Millions of Years only to land on Earth and be listened to by me. A very Strange Explanation, but it works for me.

5. Tomáš Dvořák | The Bottom (Machinarium Soundtrack)
I discovered Tomáš Dvořák after playing Machinarium, a Puzzle Game beautifully created by the people at Amnita Design. The Game casts you into a Different World filled with Robots, Rust and Scrap Heaps. The Soundtrack was Composed by Tomáš himself and fully enforces the Illustrations and Style of the Game. Each track has its own Personality, quirks 'n' all. The track The Bottom showcases all of Dvořák's Skill in Sound Design and Composition and immerses you in a Whole New World.

6. Thomas Newman | The Reptile Room (Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Thomas Newman is my favourite Hollywood Film Composer. I Love all his work, it's Fresh and Exciting. Many others have tried to emulate his Style, but never quite pulled it off. His work generally is very Minimal. He mixes Ethnic Instruments in his Compositions even if the Film is about American Suburban Life (American Beauty) and it works wonders. In doing so he adds a Whole New Perspective on the Films he works on. Newman is another big influence on my Music and has taught me that often in Music Less Is More.

7. Yppah | Three Portraits (feat. Anomie Belle)
I bought Yppah's album Eighty One on Vinyl in 2012 and Loved it. The track Three Portraits starts with an Ethereal Flute Pattern and launches you in to some Cosmic Expanse of Sounds and Melodies. A driving Downtempo Beat accompanied with a distant Vocal and sweeping Strings that's swamped in Reverb. This album in general blew my mind, but this track is a Masterpiece.

8. Jami Sieber | Maenam
I discovered this track through the critically acclaimed Indie Game Braid. This track is used as the Intro to the Game and as far as I can gather it's a Cello. It's playing a Haunting Melody, it's very striking and grabs your attention straight away. It's quite an odd mood to have at the beginning of a Game, but it's not until completing the Game itself, the Soundtrack takes on a Whole Nw Perspective. A Sense of Longing and Regret are very Apparent, your Mind can easily Wander down Paths You Could Have Walked.

9. Moby | Everloving
Moby, in my opinion, is the the Most Influencial DJ/Producer Of Our Time. His album Play is a pleasure to listen to. Yet again his recordings are Imperfect and almost Amateurish, but they have so much Soul. The track Everloving is my personal favourite from the album. The track builds so beautifully, starting with an Acoustic Guitar and faint Vocal Humming transforming into a huge Soundscape. Moby is another of my main influences, his Personality reflects through his Music, I feel as I know him without him saying a word to me.

10. Oasis | Magic Pie
Oasis are single handedly responsible for starting my interest in Music. When I was young sometimes I walked to School which was about 3 miles away. I had an MP3 Player that could fit about 10 songs on. Needless to say these 10 spaces were filled with Oasis tracks and because I could never be bothered changing the songs I listened to the same 10 tracks for about a year. Oasis are my Teenage Years. Noel Gallagher is a Fantastic Songwriter, his Lyrics are Deep and Full of Meaning. From listening to Oasis is made me realise what Music is all about, Storytelling through Sound. I couldn't of asked for better.