WARMER MIXTAPES #1030 | by Jane Badler

1. Donna Summer | Love To Love You Baby
Sensual Sexy accosting the Senses. This song makes me want to spend the nights in a Drug Haze Dancing in the Glamour of Studio 54. And I did. I was living in NYC Studying and working as an Actor and Dancing at night to Donna Summer at Studio 54. This song reminds me of this period of my life. Fraught but Young and Crazy.

2. John Lennon | Imagine
One of the Great Songs. I cannot listen to this song without becoming Emotional. The Message is one of Peace and Harmony, but Written in the Most Beautiful Imaginative Way. I was living in NYC when John Lennon was assasinated in front of the Dakota on West 72nd. The whole City Stopped and millions of people made their way to the park to listen to this song and have a moment of Silence. I cannot hear this song without thinking of this time and all that he stood for.

3. Carpenters | Superstar 
I was 18, my Father and Brother had died in a Tragic Accident and I was singing in clubs in a Cover band. I was particularly taken with this song by the Carpenters about a woman who is obsessed with a Rock Star. The idea of Him takes Her out of her own Lonely Life. It particularly resonated to me at this time of my life when I needed my own fantasies to Escape. I was also taken with the Tragedy of Karen Carpenter who suffered from Anorexia and eventually died very young from this terrible disease.

4. U2 | I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
I was at a U2 Concert in Melbourne having just met my Future Husband and they sang this song with John Lee Hooker. I played it endlessly. It was at a time in my life when I was making big changes. Starring in Mission: Impossible, The Series and falling in Love with an Aussie. I was contemplating giving up my LA life for this man. I Love the Lyrics to this song...

I have kissed Honey lips.
Felt the Healing in her fingertips.
It burned like Fire...
This burning Desire...

I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

5. Prince & The New Power Generation | Cream
One of the Sexiest, Dirtiest Songs with a great Groove. I was dating a Drummer in Detroit and we used to Dance late into the night to Prince. This song always gets me moving.

Get on Top!
You will Cop...
Don't you Stop!
Sh-boogie Bop

6. Marvin Gaye | Distant Lover
I was so moved by this song and Marvin's Live Performance. It is so full of Passion and Longing. Marvin was one of the Most Gifted Singers and Musicians of His Time. He led a Tortured and Destructive Life. He was shot and killed by his own father. This song personifies the best of the early catalogue of Marvin Gaye. A bottle of Scotch, late nights and Marvin Gaye.

7. Portishead | Glory Box
One of my Favorite Songs Ever. The Effects on the Vocals felt Very Fresh and New. I Love the Lyrics. Tired of Defending Myself, Defending my Heart, Tired of being a Temptress. Time to Love. Yet the way in which it is sung is every bit the Temptress.

I'm so Tired of Playing...
Playing with this Bow and Arrow.
Gonna give my Heart away.
Leave it to the other girls to Play...
For I've been a Temptress too long.

I wanted to write something with all these Qualities and it was one of the songs that inspired me to start Writing My Own Songs. Love the Guitar Solo in the middle of the song. Give me a reason to Love you...

8. The Police | Every Breath You Take
I was a huge fan of Sting's. I remember Shooting a Film in Spain and no one spoke English, not even the Director. The only thing on TV that was in English was a Doco on Sting. He was in his Glorious Youth. I felt like he was my Lifeline. Listening to him sing this song about his obsession with someone became my own Personal Fantasy as if he were singing only to me.

9. Gotye | Hearts A Mess
A fellow Aussie with a totally Original Voice. When I first discovered this album I had it on every day for weeks, I was trying to Write my own Music at this time. I was inspired by the Sounds, the unexpected changes in Rhythm and the Wonderfully Inventive Lyrics.

10. Grace Jones | Corporate Cannibal 
One of my Favorite Songs on One of My Favorite Albums of All Time: Hurricane. One of the Most Inspirational Artists. She Defies Convention in Every Way. I mean... Who else can Hula Hoop through an entire song in her Sixites and wear a Rose Dress that is Naked from behind... Hurricane is one of my Favorite Albums. The use of Talking Poetry, Amazing Grooves with Dark Themes and always a Sense of Strenght and Empowerment. I was very lucky to work with the incredible Producer of Hurricane, Ivor Guest, on one of my tracks for my new album.