WARMER MIXTAPES #1039 | by Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen of Slow Celebration and Reptile Youth

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | There She Goes, My Beautiful World
I know this feeling. Of losing the World as it is. And the song makes me want to feel the World as Strongly as possible. I feel like destroying stuff when I hear it. In the very best way.

2. Al Green | Tired Of Being Alone
Al Green is great. And I Love how he Sings this song. Whenever I'm tired of being alone this song cuts straight into that feeling. 2 years ago we were playing at a really nice Icelandic Festival called LUNGA. And as a part of the Festival people go there to join Creative Workshops for a week. In then end of the week there is a big party. We decided to go up there a week earlier and join the Workshop. And I thought it would be funny to join the Workshop which was the one I was most afraid of: Improvisational Dance. It was more or less just me and 20 Icelandic girls. We all had to do a Solo Dance in front of the others. I danced to Tired Of Being Alone.

3. Kanye West | Black Skinhead
I'm a big fan of Kanye. I've been listening a lot to all of his records. Apart from 808's & Heartbreak. I really like his new record as well. It sounds like the mad Genius I believe he is. Black Skinhead has a lot of Energy. It almost has a Punk Vibe to it if you ask me. It's Aggressive in a Fresh way. The Production is also very Ambitious.

4. Neil Young | The Needle And The Damage Done
I Love Neil Young. Most of my early Musical Inspiration I got through my Dad. Neil Young I got through my Dad. I remember singing along to this song while doing the dishes. We always did that together. Sang along to songs while doing the dishes. Back then I was kind of a hassle to make me help with the dishes. I could complain for half an hour even though the actual work would probably just last 15 minutes. But today it's one of my Finest Childhood Memories. Weird how things can change like that. And Weird that I was singing this song as a child. I surely didn't know what it was about back then.

5. Beck | Volcano
Beck is another of my Heroes. I just heard his new album yesterday. First listen was nice. A lot like the Sea Change album. And I Loved that one… But this song is from Modern Guilt. I had a period of around 2 years of my life where I was never happy. I guess you could call it a Depression of some sort. Sometimes I rode my bike to the Sea. This was most likely the song I heard the most out there by the Sea. It was a lot how I felt. I Love the Japanese girl jumping into the Volcano.

6. Oneohtrix Point Never | Boring Angel
I like when I hear Music and think that this could very well be from Another Planet. Or from somewhere on this Planet that I have never been. OPN is a very interesting Producer. I like that the Digital VST Synths are getting back into Music in a New Way. And in New Genres. There is also something very Anarchistic about it. The Music does exactly what it feels like doing. Something that I want to bring more into my own Music.

7. Ben Khan | Eden
This is the last song I have been really Psyched about. Heard it a lot a couple of weeks ago. As far as I know he Produced, Wrote and maybe even Mixed it all himself. And he is only 18 years old. It's really well cut this song. Everything in it is exactly as it should be if you ask me. I wonder if it is actually a Sample of an Elephant. I think it is.

8. Primal Scream | Loaded
We wanna be Free. We wanna be Free to do what we want to do. We wanna get Loaded. And wanna have a Good Time. I Love the Trumpets. I Love the Percussion. I Love that the song takes the time the song needs. And I Love dancing to it. It sounds like a Summer Morning. Where everyone else went home. But we are still there. Northing is gonna bring us down.

9. Radiohead | The National Anthem
Steal a car. Drive until it runs out of Gas.

10. Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
It's just such an Epic song. In every way. The Composition. The Story behind it. The Lyrics. The Sound. I remember when I heard it the first time. When he sang the first words I started laughing. Because it was so Perfect. A Relief in a way. And it is a beautiful tribute to Syd Barret. You can hear how they respect him. Not only as an Artist. But also as a Friend.