WARMER MIXTAPES #1044 | by Freddie Dickson

1. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young | Helpless
This is probably my Favourite Song of All Time. I first heard it when I was about 6 years old. It’s Song Writing in its Simplest form, conjuring up so much Beauty with Heart-Warming Harmonies. For me, the feel Neil Young gets is like no other.

2. Ryan Adams | Call Me On Your Way Back Home
In my opinion, Ryan Adams is one of the Greatest Songwriters Out There. This is my favourite track from my favourite album of his, Heartbreaker. Highly Emotive Vocals throughout and then the Harmonica brings this song to a Beautiful Climax.

3. Aretha Franklin | Let It Be (The Beatles Cover)
I first heard this walking through a Market in London when I was a teenager. I’d never heard a Vocal like it. I always give this song a listen when I feel I’m not giving enough Vocally in the Studio. Aretha makes you want to Sing!

4. Nas | N.Y. State Of Mind
I’d never really listened to Hip-Hop when I was at School and then one day I decided I needed more than Guitars and Vocals to listen to. My friend gave me Illmatic and it blew me away. I Loved Storytelling over incredible Grooves. So Simple yet so Powerful, which is what I tend to look for in a song.

5. The Libertines | Time For Heroes
The Libertines were the First Band That I Became Properly Obsessed With. I Love the Looseness of the Playing in this track and how the song has Hooks all over the place!

6. Eminem | When I’m Gone
This song I find Incredible Lyrically. Here Eminem creates a Beautiful Darkness. I Love his Ability to Keep You Hanging on to Every Word.

7. Pink Floyd | The Great Gig In The Sky
Clare Torry’s Improvised Vocal is the Most Flawless Example of Using Your Vocal as an Instrument. Without Words she creates an Astonishingly Haunting Atmosphere.

8. Jeff Buckley | A Satisfied Mind (Joe "Red" Hayes and Jack Rhodes Cover)
Another one of my Favourite Vocalists. Buckley’s Range always inspires me to push my Voice as far as I possible.

9. The Velvet Underground | Heroine
I Love how throughout this song Lou Reed is so In Control with just two Chords and his Tempo Changes take you on a journey for seven minutes. To hold someone’s attention for that long with just Words and a couple of Chords I find Amazing.

10. Bob Dylan | Like A Rolling Stone
I know it’s an obvious choice, but this song manages to make me incredibly Happy everytime I hear it. Lyrically and Melodically a Masterpiece.