WARMER MIXTAPES #1049 | by Anders Persson and Fredrik Lövgren of Hstn and Sum Comfort

SIDE A | by Fredrik Lövgren

1. Duvchi | Whole Life Tour
Dreaming, sometimes to the point where you for a second lose grip. One of the most talented people I know wrote this song. Creative friends inspire our work and makes us want to grow.

2. Iman Omari | Trippin
Some songs can have physical effect on my body and mind. I love playing music that makes me feel happy, calm or in love. This one covers all three of those feelings.

3. Jaco Pastorius | Portrait Of Tracy
Inspired SWV to make their song Rain which I listened to in junior high. Both songs are great pieces of music. To me, Jazz Music stands for knowledge and authencity. I spent a lot of time and money searching for records during my school years. It actually became almost an addiction and I decided to sell most of my records when I was nineteen.

4. Jai Paul | Jasmine (Demo)
There is A LOT of great music that is being released these days. Some songs and albums stay with me for a longer period. I have realized that my musical attention span have changed and sometimes I feel like a music junkie. But I guess awareness is a first step. This song will probably stay with me though.

5. OutKast | Jazzy Belle
I first heard OutKast on a kid's show. They played the Elevators video and interviewed André and Big Boi. I instantly knew I needed that record. When I opened the record I saw this print on the CD of a naked woman with giant breasts. I had to hide that CD from my mother.

6. 702 | I Still Love You (feat.  Pharrell Williams)
I can't find the video on YouTube anymore, but almost sure they were on roller skates. That makes sense. Beautiful chords. Pharrell has had great influence on our music.

7. Vanessa Paradis | Joe Le Taxi
My little sister played me this song many years ago. I love it to this day. Vanessa two-stepping in a oversized washed-out peach-colored sweatshirt. I shared a lot of different music with my sister and my three older brothers when we were younger.

8. Sade | Cherish The Day
Ornette Coleman once said that music seems to give a very good dose of light that cause people to feel a lot better. Healing the suffering, pain and solitude. This song is hang gliding. Sade is our muse.

9. JODY | Floodin
Great vibe, post R&B or not. We often spend time in the studio listening to 80s and 90s music. An example of the kind of production that I have started to grow fond of lately.

10. John Martyn | Small Hours
Very atmospheric, recorded outside. I would like to believe that John was a very real person putting heart and soul into his music.

SIDE B | by Anders Persson

1. Maxwell | Ascension No One's Gonna Love You, So Don't Ever Wonder (The Tribute Cut)
Takes me back to a small basement in Stora Mossen (West Stockholm) where we started making music together. Yapping about perfect mix for 808 drums over some spaghetti a la carbonara.

2. Quadron | Day 
Soothing. Very much reminds of the Stockholm archipelago where we have our wooden boat. I enjoy rowing. Being kissed by the sun gives the same kind of good feeling buzzes as this song.

3. Labi Siffre | Cannock Chase
Record cold for the part of Northern Sweden where I grew up is minus 45 degrees Celsius. Sleet and snow sounds like melancholy. Remembering flipping burgers and working as a courier driver back in 2004 while having this song on repeat.

4. Unknown Mortal Orchestra | So Good At Being In Trouble
Goofing around in the studio, inventing dance moves not seen before, wearing shades inside. As a side note, I bought some plants for the studio last year. Were sitting in a jungle.

5. Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs | Love Comes And Goes
This is the one that got it all started for me. Remember hanging around with friends, playing ball. This song came on, I was hooked.

6. Air | Universal Traveler
Back in 05' this song (and album) helped me through 800 kilometer long train trips through Sweden between Gothenburg (where I studied) and a town called Umeå up in the North where my girlfriend at the time was staying. Though the relationship ended, the song still gives me a smile thinking of hours snoozing through Sweden.

7. Cocaine 80s | Fly Ass Pisces (feat. Jhené Aiko & Common)
Working in the new studio location at Fredhäll, surrounded by water and cliffs. Those days when you take a break and stroll down to the water, taking a swim or just soaking in the sun.

8. The Main Ingredient | Of This I'm Sure
From one of the first records I ever bought on vinyl. Soul Music has a way of expressing deep emotions and Love lost.

9. Clara Nunes | Canseira
Another one of those records that has accompanied us since the start. Like a What's Going On in Portuguese . The Brazilians call it Saudade. Think we have some of that Saudade in our music. Canseira meaning Fatigue.

10. ScHoolboy Q & TiRon | Love Me Not
Two of my favorite rappers, one happens to be our good friend. Not many escapes unrequited love. Neither one of us. That fact has surely affected our music.