WARMER MIXTAPES #1060 | by Khatchadour Babelian [Glenn Dale] of Noise Factory

1. Serge Gainsbourg | Sea Sex And Sun
Sea Sex And Sun (and others from Serge Gainsbourg) was the track who gave me the love for creating Art. My parents had an old gramophone with a few vinyls and most of them were from Serge Gainsbourg. I grew up with the gramophone stuck on me, listening the warm sound of vinyls.

2. Alan Hawkshaw | Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
Thanks to Serge Gainsbourg's discography and some searching, I found a British artist called Alan Hawkshaw. Bought one of his albums and spent the rest of my day to listen. I was amazed about the organ performing and was trying to act like him with unfortunately not a good result!

3. Keith Mansfield | Exclusive Blend
Like most kids in the 80s, I was watching a lot of Action movies and, at the end of the movie, I was writing scores titles I liked the most. I don't remember what movie I was watching but this track emerged.

4. The Rolling Stones | Paint It Black
Early in the 90s, I was mixing in different places such as bars and night clubs in London and Paint It Black was played everywhere, it reminds me the good old times spent there.

5. Etta James | Something's Got A Hold On Me
This track is a pure Soul Music treasure. Soul, Rhythm 'N' Blues and Rock Music are my roots.

6. Gloria Jones | Tainted Love
Another track from the 60s that I love, can't explain why, probably the main atmosphere of the song.

7. Eric Clapton | Let It Grow
This track is enchanting my mind: it helps me to be positive whatever in all circumstances. I always have it in my playlist & I often play it in my Smartphone after a gig, just to chill out.

8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Chile
A classic one, performed by a famous lefty. Played and listened so many times when I was in London. It always gives me the nostalgia of my youth.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Californication
When I am not in L.A. or I am travelling to another country for an event, I play Californication on my earbuds to make me remind where I came from.

10. Jean Michel Jarre | Equinoxe Part 4
In 1979, when I moved to Paris, I discovered Jean Michel Jarre and his amazing scores. This artist pushed me to buy a synthesizer, a Yamaha DX7 and spend hours in front of, creating sounds and playing Synthetic Music.

+11. Bomb The Bass | Beat Dis
I had the chance to meet Tim Simenon (AKA Bomb The Bass) in the late 80s. His mix performance and this track gaves me the opportunity to have a serious interest in Electronic Music.

+12. Bruno Mars | Treasure
I guess Bruno Mars is the artist who finally friendships me with and makes me have an interest in Mainstream Music (even if I don't call that Mainstream Music, but more Soul/Funk). I usually play this track in my playlist on parties and the Nu Disco crowd always welcomes it with a positive way. The Music Generation is about to change, and in a good way, with warm sounds, I feel happy.