WARMER MIXTAPES #1079 | by Daniel Husten, Nils Hansen and David Stoltzenberg of Pool

Photos by Charlie Flotho

SIDE A | by Daniel Husten

1. Tame Impala | Remember Me (Blue Boy Cover)
One day Nilo played that song and I instantly loved it. It has got this trippy repetition in the vocals and the whole track is just full of energy. I like this kind of trashy sound. It makes me think that the band didn’t even care about how good or bad the record is sounding even though I bet they spend a whole lot of time making the song sound exactly like it does now.

2. George McCrae | Look At You
I was digging for stuff to sample in my dad's record-collection. After a while I saw this, on the one hand extremely funny, on the other hand - enormously cool cover. Had to play it! And straight went to my feet! Always go for the stupid covers... Before that I have never even heard his name. Meanwhile I think that's one of the best records I own.

3. Bob Marley & The Wailers | So Much Trouble In The World
This is one of a thousand songs I used to hear with my good friend Philly while hanging in the park with expanded awareness when we were teenagers… We do so 'til now. These kind of scenes are the ones I never want to miss in my life. Just sitting there, thinking that there is so much trouble in the world, but not today. Today I just don’t give a shit. And, in a way, I think that’s also part of the message of this song.

4. Nate Dogg | Bad Girls (feat. Redman)
One hell of a combo! Sick artists both of them. I’m always close to going crazy when Nate Dogg begins his first part. I wish I could sing like that…Haha. Not even if I had talent to sing. Finally there is only left to say that it’s too bad that the album was never released and whoever is responsible for that should call himself a fool.

5. Dub Phizix | Never Been (feat. Fox)
This I got to know because my brother showed up with it. Who is by far a lot more into the underground stuff of whatever type of music. He got it on wax and every time he wasn’t at home (we live together) I took it and played it heavy rotation. Just two or three days later I played this song at a house party just up the road and all of my at that moment really drunk friends where going mad about it. Ever since then I had to have a break of it 'cause everyone was playing it all along, just as I did. Great song anyway.

6. Tech N9ne | Whip It (feat. Kutt Calhoun)
This song was some kind of a door opener for me in regard to this type of Hip-Hop. It made me understand the idea of this whole South-Side-Trap-Beat-thing. Today I pump this music big time. 'Specially at the moment so much, I barely hear anything else. Best would be in the car and very loud. But for me that's not too satisfying right now, because my car is slow and my speakers are horrible.

7. Olexesh | Spotlight
This is mad Gangster-stuff from Germany which a friend of mine showed me. We met each other by chance early in the morning on our way home coming from a night on the Reeperbahn. We listened the complete album in that night. For me it's the best Rap-album from Germany at the moment! I like the way this guy is rapping into the mic as if it was his worst enemy.

8. Noisia & Spor | Falling Trough
This is a kind of music that doesn’t really touch me in an emotional way, but in a more functional way. It's overwhelming for me to hear how these guys produce. The whole Sound Design, so Digital. I like when Music is extreme. And I like when music takes you to a trip through your thoughts or more or less tells a story. Power.

9. Pendulum | Tarantula
I don’t know… There is just something about Drum 'N' Bass that I totally feel. Of corse, not all of it, but, just like Falling Through, this song is extreme.

10. Boys Noize | Shine Shine
I never really was into Techno/Electro and that stuff. 'Til I walked home one night and listened to Oi Oi Oi. I was partly amazed what was more emotion then I have had expected. A little later my amazement developed into a full support for this kind of music. Ever since I heard Boys Noize I started to like this genre. In this song I specifically like the vocal or what ever it is. I still don’t really know what he has done there.

+11. Grizzly Bear | Fine For Now
Also one of these cases where I first didn’t like the music at all. I had the album Veckatimest on my iPhone for at least a year! When I heard shuffle tracks I always skipped their songs. I couldn’t stand it! Then I had this change of mind and I suddenly loved this music so bad that I was thinking to stop making music myself. I thought: this is so good and well made music, let them do that, they know how it's done. 'Specially singing. And the sickest aspect about this band is that they seriously are the best live-band I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I was close to crying.

+12. Gorillaz | Sound Check (Gravity)
The Gorillaz have this wonderful ability to make Pop-Music even though it's not Pop-Music at all. It's absolutely strange music. Full of weird sounds and bullshit. But anyway, I like this music and heard this music so much. And it gives me a good feeling that this music was in the charts cause it shows me that there are not only morons on this planet.

+13. Bob Dylan | Love Sick
Bob Dylan is not my favorite musician, but this song really got me deep. The whole mood of this song is so nice gloomy. For me it's one of these songs that allow me to bring back memories to when I was a little boy. I love the drum sound of this song.

+14. John Frusciante | The World's Edge
For me this song has an incredible sad vibe which I can relate to very good. It has this kind of magic that a lot of Nirvana songs have in a way too. It's this combo of hard and soft I like here. Generally John Frusciante is one of the most inspiring musicians to me. Not at last because of the stuff he did with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

+15. Ice Cube | It Was A Good Day
This song is just expressing this feeling of a perfect day in such a cool and comprehensible way! Insane beat. I love ending a day with this song.

SIDE B | by Nils Hansen

1. Dizz1 | Konotakosuke Yaro!
Dizz1 I got to know about 3 years ago when I moved from home with one of my dearest friends Valle. We just graduated from School and spended the whole time partying. There are a couple of more songs I associate with this time. All of them bury a lot of good memories, 'cause I made a lot of experiences for the first time!

2. Dead Prez | Malcolm, Garvey, Huey (feat. Divine)
This is also one of these just-dropped-outta-school-songs. By the way, one of the most dope-ass videoclips I know. Love the beat; also with Lloyd Banks on it.

3. Zoo Kid | Out Getting Ribs
This is some music I always wanted to make, but never did. Glad somebody does finally. Props to Zoo Kid aka King Krule.

4. J-Live | Them That’s Not 
Crazy Tempo variations nobody can’t stand.

5. Poolside | Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)
I don’t like the LP that much, but this is one of my favs from 2013.

6. Frank Ocean | Swim Good 
He’s one of the most talented artists of the last few years! But who’m I telling this anyway. Everybody knows…

7. Haruomi Hosono | 薔薇と野獣 (Beast & Rose)
Soul from Japan I learned to love. Really Cool Stuff.

8. Three 6 Mafia | Stay Fly 
Always when my parents went out I sneaked into my dad's office randomly downloading tracks by using his computer. This is one of them and I still love it. Category All-Time-Fav.

9. Killer Mike | A.D.I.D.A.S. (feat. Big Boi and Sleepy Brown)
This Gangsta Grillz mixtape I bought years ago. Sounds like converted from a tape deck. There are some other tracks on it I really like. For example a early 50 Cent feature with U.G.K. I can recommend.

10. Young Zee | That’s My Nigga Fo' Real (8 Mile Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Whoever had seen 8 Mile as a kid went to his local record store and listened to the soundtrack. So did I. And after all these years this is definitely one of my most played ones. And every time I put it on something still happens - like sentimental stuffs coming up…

+11. Marvin Gaye | Far Cry 
This is one of his last recorded stuff he never had finished. He played all the instruments himself… Incredible!

+12. Daft Punk | Something About Us 
My secret song for whatever needs to be secret. Not so secret at all.

SIDE C | by David Stoltzenberg

1. SIZARR | Run Dry 
This track always reminds me of our time at SXSW, where we also met the boys from SIZARR. They are super nice guys and their shows are impressive. Sick drumming and intense vocals - very fresh!

2. Gonzales | Dot
Gonzales definitely is one of the most inspiring artists for me. His live shows are amazing, he's rapping, playing piano and telling stories. Without limits!

3. Phoenix | Funky Squaredance
Phoenix are super cool. I always listened to them with my friend Lucas, when we were hanging out on the balcony while eating nice food. This song is totally mad. It starts with some Caribbean madness and then develops into an Electronica/vocoder session with a crank guitar solo. Live they play that second part in some kind of medley with other songs. Love that!

4. M83 | Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)
Every summer we go to Sweden with all of our best friends. We hang out in the woods and listen to tracks. This M83-remix is one of my all-time-favorite Sweden-tracks.

5. Claude Debussy | Suite Bergamasque: 3. Claire De Lune (Played by Isao Tomita)
I always wanted to learn playing this on the piano. But I have a version of my grand aunt playing it. She was a great person.

6. D'Angelo | Feel Like Makin' Love (Roberta Flack Cover)
Whatever I do, I never get tired of D'Angelo. I'm still sad he cancelled his shows in Germany in 2012 - wish to see him play one day!

7. The Police | Bring On The Night
Sick band. Everything is in it's right place. I specially love this song. I listen to it on the bus always and forever more.

8. Rhye | The Fall
When I discovered Rhye I didn't know much about them. I just loved these first two singles The Fall and Open and listened to them a lot. When I read their singer was Mike Milosh - a man - I was completely shocked. I had always been thinking that it was a girl singing. When we were at Melt! last summer I also went to see Rhye play and it was a very nice concert.

9. Roosevelt | Montreal
Roosevelt has an unbelievable sound. I'm in love with this good-vibes-Dream-Pop. We met him in Augsburg at Modular Festival and we had an incredible night! Can't wait to hear his album (He's working on it!).

10. Nirvana | Marigold (Late!'s 'Color Pictures Of A Marigold' Cover)
For me, Nirvana is more than just a band. When I was twelve years old I took all my money and bought everything Nirvana ever released and spend weeks alone in my room listening to their music. They were my first love.

+11. Arthur Russell | This Is How We Walk On The Moon
No Gravity. This is holy to me.