WARMER MIXTAPES #1081 | by Frederic De Carvalho

1. Michael Jackson | Thriller
About the music that changed my life, Michael Jackson is a reference of my childhood's soundtrack and Pop Culture in which I grew up.

2. Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe Part 5 
At around 10 years old, I received my first synthetizer after my father saw me playing Jean Michel Jarre by ear on a keyboard. He was proud. It was the beginning of my adventure with Music.

3. Drax | Phosphene 
I heard this track in a mix by Laurent Garnier on TV at night, with Psychedelic visuals by V-Form. At that specific moment, I fell in love with Techno Music. Since then, I released a remix I did for Laurent Garnier on my label Absolut Freak Records, and worked with TPH for some masterings. Proud!

4. Underground Resistance | Amazon
Soon after, I was fascinated by Detroit Techno for its melodies, its emotion. UR, Jeff Mills… I have a nice vinyls collection.

5. Dopplereffekt | Denki No Zuno
That's the Electro side of Detroit Music, mainly inspired by Kraftwerk. Pure machine sounds, Minimal. Dopplereffekt is timeless and still a big influence for me. I chose the track Denki No Zuno (instead of the beautiful Infophysix) because of the 8bit sounds that are part of my life and I often use in my productions.

6. Aphex Twin | Girl/Boy Song 
I was crazy when I heard this song for the first time. Aphex Twin is one of the artists who most fascinated me with his skills, his genius. He left an important imprint in the Electronic Music.

7. Vitalic | Poney Part 2
I heard this track also in a mix by Laurent Garnier. It was a new form of Techno Music, decomplexed, with Electro synths and Pop melodies. A fusion of the sounds above. I recognized myself in this universe.

8. Jess & Crabbe | In Your Eer
I live in Paris and French House was very present in my environment, when it was possible to make a hit with a Disco sample loop and big compression. And I think this French touch is sometimes present in my work. Of course, Daft Punk is the reference, but I chose In Your Eer because I still often play this one in my DJ sets. I love that fresh Billy Ocean 80's vibe.

9. Zoot Woman | Living In A Magazine
This song is a perfect crossover of my lifetime influences, produced by the brilliant Stuart Price (Jacques Lu Cont / Les Rythmes Digitales), a reference for me as producer.

10. Alter Ego | Rocker
This is the ultimate Eectro track, the one I would love to have done. I started Music Production at that time, it was a kind of model in my technical development.