WARMER MIXTAPES #1097 | by Joshua Waters Rudge of The Skints

1. Augustus Pablo | King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown (Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So' Dub Version)
This is the Dub version of Baby I Love You So with the legendary Jacob Miller on the vocal. I think I was 14 when I got this song off a tape from my uncle and it kicked off my obsession with Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, and dark, moody Dub cuts.

2. Rancid | Life Won't Wait
Rancid have always been one of my favourite bands, this Punk/Reggae Mashup song from arguably their best and most diverse album pretty much sums up why.

3. Dizzee Rascal | Sittin' Here
I think if you were a teenager growing up in London when Boy In Da Corner came out, then Dizzee painted a picture of the situations and surroundings of the place and time better than anyone else at the time. This song just sounds like being back at school in 2003 when I hear it.

4. The Abyssinians | Declaration Of Rights
Aside from the actual music, Roots Reggae is one of the most important Art forms in the world in its storytelling of Caribbean people's African heritage and the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade. Declaration Of Rights did just that. The Abyssinians are one of the most incredible vocal groups, plus their Songwriting makes them one of my favourite bands.

5. Operation Ivy | Take Warning
This song reminds me of when I first wanted to start making Music and the very early start of The Skints. No band has done Ska-Punk as good as these guys since they split up.

6. Dennis Brown | Wolves And Leopards
One of my all time favourite voices. I got a tattoo based on this song! Classic Dennis Brown.

7. Big Punisher | Still Not A Player (feat. Joe)
This is my party song. It's also my everything else song. I know it's a bait Pun song, but there's a reason, right?!

8. The Streets | Has It Come To This?
Pure nostalgia trip, the vibe that is captured in this song is bang on. When the Sun comes out in London it's coming out my speakers.

9. Stevie Wonder | Lately
I mean, have you heard it? Or any song on this album? Lately chokes me up, man.

10. Peter Tosh | I Am That I Am
When people talk about Peter Tosh, you often hear what a tough guy he was. Undoubtedly true, but he wrote songs that were so human and so relatable... This song fucks my shit up.