WARMER MIXTAPES #1099 | by Hugues Rey [Bobmo] of High Powered Boys and Marble Players

1. Helena Hauff | Actio Reactio
I love this 10 minutes drums track. I've heard many tracks based on Roland drums only recently, but this one is special. Really hypnotic and well made.

2. Curses! | The Deep End (feat. Nancy Wang) (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub) 
I forgot this one for a long time... I played it a lot in my recent DJ-sets. The production is incredible. It was released in 2009 on Institubes (RIP) French record label.

3. Mount Kimbie | Your Took Your Time (Kyle Hall Remix)
One of his last remixes... I love this bassline! The drums sounds rough as usual. One of my favorite producers at the moment.

4. Ron Trent | Altered States
A classic from Chicago. I was too young when it was released, but I think the track became big for the DJs in Europe, especially in UK in the early 90's/Acid House era. I love the fact that the track starts super heavy and Ghetto, but when the synth-pad drops, it's a bit surprising and it becomes totally trippy until the end.

5. Actress | Always Human
From his second album. I love when he make a proper House beat!

6. Holden | Renata
Love the arpeggio on this one. I've discovered his music with the famous remix of Nathan Fake, like many people. I've always been a huge fan since. His last album is truly unique, his best thing.

7. Pharrell Williams | Gust Of Wind (feat. Daft Punk)
Great Pop song, though I didn't like the other tracks of the album. This chorus is incredible!

8. L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System | No More
New project from L-Vis 1990, more focus on the Ghetto House genre. This one reminds me of Dance Mania Records which is one of my favorite record labels and their releases sounds still fresh today.

9. General Ludd | Woo Ha
Just discovered this new track released on NYC label Mister Saturday Night. I love the vocals and how simple it is. Will play it a lot. Really like the other releases on this label too.

10. Underground Resistance | Big Stone Lake
I've always been interested in this idea of Techno without Drums. I listened to this track a lot during the production of my album. I love the saxophone, the chords and the Sound-FX of waves & birds! This is the emotional side of Detroit Techno. But finally, it doesn't really sound like proper cold Techno and it's very close to an early 808 State song.