WARMER MIXTAPES #1101 | by Sophie Auster

1. Tom Waits | Take It With Me
I grew up listening to Tom Waits with my parents. I think he is their single favorite contemporary Pop musician today and his music and writing has been a big influence in my work. This song in particular reminds me of my parents dancing cheek to cheek in our living room. It’s a simple and beautifully written song. The creaky piano is achingly tender and perfect. It makes me cry every time I hear it.

2. The Beatles | Eleanor Rigby
I started listening to the Beatles when I was seven. I began with their earlier work and gradually made my way through all their albums. Eleanor Rigby struck a chord with me. I thought the lyrics were so sad and strange and I poured over the lyrics time and time again in my childhood bedroom.

3. Neil Young | Harvest Moon
I can be very sentimental at times and this song is one that makes me cry. It reminds me of love lost and makes me very nostalgic. Its simplicity is what makes this song so touching.

4. The Zombies | Time Of The Season
This is one of the sexiest songs ever written, in my opinion. It reminds me of hot summers in New York as a teenager feeling…Restless.

5. Nina Simone | Sinnerman (Les Baxter's Version of African American Traditional Spiritual Song 'Sinner Man' Cover)
Nina Simone is one of my favorite singers. Her voice is surprising, rich, and utterly free. No question she is a genius vocalist. I listen to this song all the time and dance around in my apartment. It’s over ten minutes long, but you are never bored. The changes are so seamless and exciting and nobody scats quite like Nina.

6. The Jaynetts | Sally, Go 'Round The Roses 
One of my favorite songs growing up. There is something surprisingly haunting about it and I would love to cover it one day.

7. Lowell Fulson | Please Don’t Go
Great Blues guitarist and songwriter. His playing and delivery is so free and loose. I love this track. To me it’s quintessential Blues.

8. Marvin Gaye | I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Cover)
Although, not the first one to record this song, Marvin Gaye’s version is my favorite. This song makes me want to shake my hips and twirl around with someone.

9. Joni Mitchell | A Case Of You
Interestingly enough Joni Mitchell didn’t speak to me as a young girl. I had Blue when I was very young. Probably nine or ten years old, but I don’t think I really understood it. It wasn’t until I revisited her when I was older that I became a fanatic. I remember one summer, my best friend and I were both mourning the loss of romantic relationships, and we lay in bed crying to A Case Of You on repeat.

10. Pentangle | No More My Lord (Traditional American Song Cover)
A good friend and collaborator of mine, Barry Reynolds, introduced me to Pentangle not so long ago and I love the simple drums and spare arrangement. It’s sexy Folk Music.