WARMER MIXTAPES #1106 | by Daði Birgisson, Börkur Hrafn Birgisson and Bjarki Sigurðsson of Mono Town

SIDE A | by Bjarki Sigurðsson

1. Elvis Presley | Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins Cover)
The first song that really grabbed me. I was 7 then and I'm still singing it at home.

2. Elvis Presley | An American Trilogy (Mickey Newbury Cover)
Speaking of Elvis. What a song. What a performance. I really like the layers and how it builds up. So epic and beautiful. This is the one that I think of when I'm driving.

3. Blur | There's No Other Way
I was young, this was new and there's no other way! I could have mentioned so many Blur songs, what a band.

4. The Verve | History 
I wander lonely streets. Now this is Epic. This is probably the song I've listened to the most in my life. Repeat would be the right word for it. I love the flow in the song and the way Mr. Ashcroft just goes on and on with his singing, almost Rapping really. Love it. And the strings, oh, my, Lord. Now be aware. I've heard a shorter version, probably a Radio Edit. But the real thing is the original one. Headphones please, sit back and enjoy!

5. Neil Young | Cinnamon Girl
Now, I discovered Neil Young relatively late. But what a find. Saw him live and there was no turning back. I just love it when some band or artist grabs you like that. It rarely happens. But when it does, it's magic. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is one of my favourite albums ever.

6. Paul McCartney | Jenny Wren 
Now, of all McCartney songs, this one stands out for me. Could have mentioned some others, no doubt. But again, repeat springs to mind.

7. Oasis | Hello 
I've got to mention those first two albums. I was young, this was new and I was MAD FOR IT!

8. The Beatles | You Never Give Me Your Money
Medley... Yeah I know I'm cheating here. But those songs just have to be listened together. Genius. You Never Give Me Your Money/Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End.

9. Doves | Firesuite
Listen loud. The first song from their first album. It hits you instantly the first time you'll listen to it. It did to me anyway. I truly am a big fan of all of their albums. Can't wait for the next one. Michael Brauer's work on Kingdom Of Rust was probably the main reason we wanted him to mix our debut album In The Eye Of The Storm.

10. Ennio Morricone | Once Upon A Time In The West (with Edda Dell'Orso) (Once Upon A Time In The West Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The most beautiful song ever written.

SIDE B | by Daði Birgisson

1. Seu Jorge | Convite Para Vida (City Of God Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Goose bumps. The vailing, rugged narrative voice of Seu Jorge and then the mourning sound of the choir just rips your heart out and leaves you in a beautiful sad place. The Brazilian rhythm constructed of many different element drives the track so perfectly. Then the guica screams and takes you on a subconscious Tribal trip. Full on euphoria, this track could go on forever.

2. Wendy Carlos | Timesteps (A Clockwork Orange Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
You don't have to watch A Clockwork Orange to get scared. Psychotic and strange.

3. Villagers | Becoming A Jackal 
Melody, chords, lyrics and arrangement. This is a song I wish I'd written. Don't know how many times I've listened to this track. Thank you, Conor O'Brien.

4. The Lennon Sisters | May You Always (Larry Markes & Dick Charles Cover) (Live At The Lawrence Welk Show)
If Music was food then this performance is butter! Pure class. I could travel back in Time to witness minute 1.35.

5. Boards Of Canada | Olson
Music Has The Right To Children... I remember when I saw this album in the store. I had never heard of this band, but really liked the cover. I put the headphones on and got instantly hypnotised by the opening synth sound. Music was even better than the album cover. So grainy yet beautiful sonic textures and I think this album has to be listened all the way through. I haven't yet dared to buy another records with this band.

6. The Band | It Makes No Difference (The Last Waltz Live Version)
Always get your creative juices flowing. Pure feeling and musicianship.

7. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
Heard my father listen to Miles Davis when I was a kid. He played a long with the records and improvised. Really fond of those memories. Bill Evans on piano. This song can have its own place in the Periodic Table of Elements. New element, Bg.

8. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
Heard this song driving around listening to the radio about 10 years ago. Could not believe I had never heard it before (Should not be admitting it!). Every element so delicately placed, so layered yet so melodic and easily hummable.

9. Nicole Atkins | Neptune City
A song from 2007. Such a haunting true voice and a great textured track. Love to hear great new Music.

10. Ennio Morricone | Once Upon A Time In The West (with Edda Dell'Orso) (Once Upon A Time In The West Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The most beautiful song ever written.

SIDE C | by Börkur Hrafn Birgisson

1. Miles Davis | Jean-Pierre 
My dad used to play trumpet and he had many great Jazz and Soul albums on a vinyl and this is the song that made me want to start practicing my guitar. Everything Miles did was so cool, guitarist Mike Stern burns over this groove all the way from planet Groove. The story says the melody is based on the French lullaby Dodo, L'Infant Do.

2. Led Zeppelin | Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 
When I was a teenager me and my friend used to steal moonshine from his father get wasted and then we spent hours and hours in front of his Stereo listening to The Doors, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Moody Blues, Hendrix and good old Classic Rock. Good times and very important time in my Music upbringing.

3. Wes Montgomery | Days Of Wine And Roses
The great musician Wes Montgomery, did not read Music and used his own peculiar ways of playing his instrument. He had the coolest timing ever and the solo is close to perfect, it's all about the melody for me. Probably my best teacher on the guitar so far.

4. Doves | Kingdom Of Rust
Great song, great lyrics and the sound on this album is so strange and different but really beautiful. Authentic and so true to Music... Doves.

5. Blonde Redhead | Elephant Woman 
So inspiring when you still stumble on an album where every song is good. Nothing is new under the Sun is said, still I had never heard anything like this before. This song makes me feel the way no other song does and I can't even put it in words.

6. Tom Waits | Ol' '55
This is one of the greatest opening song on an album. So simple yet so full of everything. One of few songs I've learned the lyrics by heart. I used to sing this song for my daughter to put her to sleep.

7. Sandy Denny | Next Time Round 
What a voice and what a song!! The stripped-down version of the song as a bonus track is even more beautiful without the strings where she stops the band in the beginning of the song and if you listen closely someone counts the band in again and the magic begins. I prefer to listen to this song when I'm either sad or mellow… Or even both.

8. The Band | The Weight (feat. The Staple Singers) (The Last Waltz Live Version)
Levon Helm laying the beat so relaxed yet so supercool and groovy, and the band just floats on top in a natural manner. Everybody in this band sounds great and everything is just where it is supposed to be. And they all sang like angels. Man! When Mavis Staples starts singing you remember the reason why you are doing Music. This song always makes me wanna strut-along.

9. Alice In Chains | Would?
I was a teenager when the Grunge Wave from Seattle hit hard. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. Me and my brother used to record songs from MTV on a VHS tape and try and sync the song with the CD on the Stereo to be able to blast it. It could take a while and couple of rewinds to have it right and this is a song we used to put the volume to 11 and thrash the livingroom before mom and dad came home from work. I think Dirt is still a great album even if I don't listen as much to it today. Good times.

10. Ennio Morricone | Once Upon A Time In The West (with Edda Dell'Orso) (Once Upon A Time In The West Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The most beautiful song ever written.