WARMER MIXTAPES #1111 | by Sven Russell [Finn Forest]

1. Winter Flags | Winter Flags
Whenever I’m driving or in the car this is usually my go to artist. I live in a coastal region that features the Great Ocean Road, which displays beautiful scenery as you wind your way through the mountains that overlook the ocean. I guess this track compliments what I see as I make my way through. The whole album is amazing. Winter Flags is an alias project of Gacha.

2. Seekae | Void
When people ask me who my favourite artist is at the moment I usually point them in the direction of Seekae. A friend of mine first introduced me to them about a year ago to the track Void accompanied by a (non official) Music Video that featured the Challenger Mission Space craft launch disaster. The footage and song fit perfectly together and is actually quite emotional.

3. Shigeto | Ringleader
Shigeto totally changed how I perceived Electronic Music should be played live. I never really imagined someone playing drums live whilst playing an Electronic style set. This track to me perfectly combines the two styles of Music together. His performances are somewhat mesmerising.

4. Bon Iver | Holocene
MaybeM just maybe, this man is the greatest singer/songwriter of his era (or maybe should I say of all time). This track of his conveys more emotion than I have ever felt whilst listening to any track. I still can’t tell whether it makes me happy or sad. His songs are so raw and natural and can influence what mood you will be in for the rest of the day.

5. Young Juvenile Youth | More For Me, More For You (Magical Mistakes Remix)
You know when you can imagine yourself in a film clip to that one song you really like? Well, this track is that to me. I can see myself in Tokyo (or some major city) driving about and just generally acting like I’m famous then it cutting back to reality where I’m just another ordinary person blending back into society.

6. Dur-Dur Band | Dooyo
I actually have no clue what they are singing in this track, but it sounds like it would be cool. I first heard this track in a movie called Slow Dance and it stuck to my mind ever since.

7. J Dilla | Last Donut Of The Night
I love J Dilla. Listening to this whilst driving home through the city at 2am watching drunken club kids stumble across streets, shifty characters shuffling down dark alleys and Tokyo drift wanna-bees racing through streets really does show you an interesting and dark side of city life. R.I.P.

8. Fred P | N.Y.
Stumbled across this in one of those late night YouTube Music sessions you find yourself in at 3 in the morning. It's one of those tracks where you just get lost whilst listening to it and then after 4 minutes has past from the track finishing you pull yourself out of your non drug induced trip and are left to wonder what just happened.

9. Burial | Shell Of Light (Shlohmo Remix)
I have never ever seen creepier footage accompanied by eerie sounds than this track. This remix though is really quite lovely. It feels really nostalgic and sad, yet has this strange nice warm feel. Probably best enjoyed under the stars on a really clear night on top of a lonely mountain. Though I haven’t done that yet since these kids in the video will haunt me for the rest of my days. If you can find the video I'm talking about though it's worth a watch. P.S.: It's not the official video. But the footage is from the Children Of The Damned movie, so search for that.

10. The xx | Intro
It's late 2009 and I’m driving with my uncle down a lonely coastal road for a long journey home. We were in the middle of nowhere and he asks me if I have ever heard of The xx, I never had before and he explains to me how he first saw them live, when he lived in London. He pulls out a burnt copy of their first album, which was released a short time ago. He presses play and Intro starts. Welcome. This track is about to change Music for me forever.