WARMER MIXTAPES #1113 | by Ricardo Shepherd [MACHIA] and Brandon Fulton [Alpha Memphis] of Dynamic Equilibrium and Gem Code

SIDE A | by Brandon Fulton

1. Fabolous | Breath
I heard this song back in ’04, I was still young, riding the train to my home's crib in Brooklyn. Memorizing the words, reciting them with and without the beat, getting my flow down.

2. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Iron Lion Zion
This record here was released the same year I was born, my father is right from Jamaica so from the moment this song was released I was raised listening.

3. Beres Hammond | Giving Thanks
Again a song my father taught me about, I heard this for the first time and I knew this was a song I needed to hear every single morning. It keeps me humble, keeps my mind in the right place.

4. Mos Def | New World Water
Fools done upset the Old Man River... Made him carry slave ships and fed him dead niggas... This is the realest song I've ever listened to. It’s one of the reasons my track Pangea even exists.

5. 50 Cent | Many Men
This is the Queens, New York in me, this track right here taught me to watch my back , because you never know when someone else is hawking. 50 Cent is a living legend around my parts and I've learned many of lessons from his Music.

6. Slick Rick | Children's Story
The greatest story every told, at least in my opinion this song made me realize how a story can be told within the duration of a track. As an artist I try to get my storytelling abilities to a Slick Rick level.

7. Kanye West | Roses
The realest Kanye track ever made, it's no doubt that he put his whole heart into this one. When I hear such raw emotion I start finding ways to relate the track to my life, at the time I had first heard this song, my aunt was in the hospital in critical condition. She passed away now every time this song is played I get teary eyed and have to change the song.

8. Notorious B.I.G. | 10 Crack Commandments
this song got me through highschool, put food in my stomach if you catch what I'm saying.

9. Eminem | Stan
again the story telling made me love this song, it’s so different. A rapper reciting lyrics from a crazed fans point of view, it was amazing to me.

10. The Notorious B.I.G. | Niggas Bleed
This track is the reason I fear no man, when I was in High School I would have to fight a lot, on a day I knew I was about to get into some shit I would play this song and get my mind right, we are all human, niggas bleed just like me, so why should I be scared of any man.

SIDE B | by Ricardo Shepherd

1. Ghostface Killah | All That I Got Is You (feat. Mary J. Blige)
This track right here is a classic. I love the Jackson 5's Maybe Tomorrow sample that was used in the song. The song really touched me because you can feel the pain and struggle through the lyrics of this song. It made me feel as though I was actually there with him; living through the experience.

2. Big Pun | It’s So Hard (feat. Donell Jones)
I was always a Big Pun fan. R.I.P. I remember hearing this song for the first time back in like 2002 when I was 14. This right here is another classical, timeless track. You know it's real when you know all of the lyrics to a song.

3. 50 Cent | God Gave Me Style
Out of all the tracks on 50 Cent's The Massacre album, this was one of the songs that really grew on me. It's definitely one of 50 Cent's more humble songs. It makes me feel grateful for Life and the people in it. I also love the fact he dedicated a track to giving thanks to the Lord for making him who he is.

4. DMX | Slippin’ (feat. Tamyra Grey)
The realest, most heart-felt song I've ever heard. My oldest brother was a huge DMX fan back in the day. I kinda followed up and became a fan as well. We all go through struggles in Life. A lot of artists are afraid to get too personal in their Music and I love this song because it does exactly that. The song makes me feel like I can do anything in this world as long as I am focused and persistent. If X can overcome the life he grew up living and become successful, I definitely can make it as well.

5. DMX | Lord Give Me A Sign
Like DMX, I too (when I'm writing Music) like to make reference to Religion because it plays a very important role in my life. I like to write about what's real and my own experiences. I definitely have this track on repeat when I'm going through tough times. It makes me not want to give up on myself and keep pushing.

6. Nas | Just A Moment (feat. Quan)
I remember when this track came out right around the time of my Junior/Senior year in High School. This joint makes me feel empathetic because the content in very relative to myself and my environment. I'm also a big fan of Nas for sure.

7. Jadakiss | Still Feel Me
My third oldest brother use to eat, sleep, and breath this song right here. I didn't know why until I actually sat down and listen to what Jada was saying. It definitely contributed to my style of Writing Lyrics; kind of pushing me to create more conscious lyrical content. The beat Jada used on this track also is what made me want to push harder as far as Music Production goes. Also another track I know all of the lyrics to.

8. Dem Atlas | Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown is one of those songs that just make me feel nostalgia. I just recently became a fan of Dem Atlas because of this song. It has that ideal boom bap sound with a real dope ass sample. This song, I found it a couple of months back and I've had it on repeat since. It brings me joy when I take a listen to this track because it bumps and the flow is too sick. It's something beautiful. And the chorus just tops it off... The World ain't pretty, but it ain't shit either... We all need to breath deeper.

9. Beanie Sigel | Feel It In The Air
This joint right here is definitely another classic in my eyes. It definitely made me open my eyes and watch the company I keep around me. The majority of the time, people don't actually care about you; and are only down for you when it's in their best interest. This song is why I only call a handful of people my family.

10. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony | Tha Crossroads
Tha Crossroads is definitely one of those songs that hit home. I remember watching the video for the first time when I was younger. It made me a little sad and I felt hurt because it makes me think of my late great grandfather who passed away a couple of years ago. I've honestly never felt as much hurt as I did the day I saw his casket lowered in to the earth. But I do believe that we will meet again someday; and in that sense, the track give me a sense of hopefulness. See you at the crossroads, so you won't be lonely.