WARMER MIXTAPES #1122 | by Agustín Rivaldo [Barrio Lindo]

I listen to Music every time I travel on the train, work in my workshop. These artists are the main influences in my sound. I listen to a lot of different kinds of Music, but mostly types which have a connection with Organic sounds and Experimental beats.

1. Miriam García & Alicia Solans | Pintar El Sol (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix)
Chancha Vía Circuito is one of my favourite artists, I admire his work a lot, he is one of my major influences and one of the main reasons I make Music today. All the work of Chancha is very impressive, but this is particularly a beautiful traditional Copla sung by Miriam García, it just has a gorgeous rhythm.

2. Gaby Kerpel | Carnabailito
This song by Gaby Kerpel was the first exploration between Electronic Music and Folklore that I heard when was 13. I loved it so much that it was where my first intentions of making Music influenced by Folklore began.

3. Los Guacharacos De Colombia | El Cafetero (El Búho Remix) 
I fully admire El Búho. He and I have a collaboration project, working together with him is really amazing. This song has a very deep and hypnotic Downtempo beat. Sounds very well and, like others remixes of El Búho, it is an amazing work of reinterpretation, I think it tells much more than the original song.

4. Domingo Cura | Retumbo
Domingo Cura was a very impressive percussionist of Argentinean Folklore. This song has amazing percussion with dreamy flutes. Truly an inspiration for Barrio Lindo.

5. Toumani Diabaté | Si Naani
I love the kora - a West African stringed harp - it is a very magical instrument and the sound of Toumani Diabaté is one of the most beautiful that I heard. This track and the full album The Mandé Variations is perfect to slip inside a world full of beauty.

6. Tremor | Rocio
Tremor & Gaby Kerpel are the first artists that started to explore Folklore with new technologies. This track is last on album of Tremor, the sound is always evolving and changing, so emotional and beautiful.

7. Kodak To Graph | Sequatchie Eve
This was the first track from Kodak To Graph I ever heard, I just loved it immediately, it's really sweet and sounds amazing, full of changes.

8. Armadillo | Aves Del Valle
Armadillo is a very beautiful project coming from Colombia. This is definitely my favorite off the album.

9. Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto | Canto De Zafra (Worksong)
Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto are a very important group of Traditional Cumbia of Colombian Caribbean. This A Capella work song is very intense and emotive. This type of Traditional Cumbia influence a lot my work.

10. The Orb | Ball Of Fire (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)
I love Dub and I'm fan of Lee Perry. I heard his sounds a lot and this album particularly featuring with The Orb is amazingly deep, Galactic and full of Rhythm.

+11. Baths | Apologetic Shoulderblades
I love this track from Baths, it's a very pretty work of voices and a very freaky beat, a little aggressive! He mixed it very well with many different elements, making it a very interesting combination of Sonic worlds.