WARMER MIXTAPES #1124 | by Daniel Lee Kendall

1. Van Morrison | T.B. Sheets
10 minutes, 2 chords, and every time it finishes I want to press play again. This isn’t a track you tell your friends about, it’s one where you lie down on the floor in your room with your head between the speakers, close your eyes, and enter into the mind and soul of Van. My song of 2013.

2. Grimes | Genesis
You can fall asleep to this, or dance your little heart out in your living room. I prefer the latter, but I’ve done the former. I love that she can use such a dicky bass sound and still turn me on time after time… I think it’s those vocals… Yes, those vocals.

3. Tame Impala | Solitude Is Bliss
I was a late comer to these Psych Rockers. They reignited some of the old Rock fire within me that I sometimes forget lurks below. This track feels like the Mighty Boosh is wandering along the bottom of my stomach, then they meet Michael Jackson, start jamming, and before you know it they’re conceptualizing a video clip where Michael is dancing with the funk.

4. Michael Jackson | Rock With You
Speaking of Michael Jackson: Nothing is more likely to get my limbs moving than this song. If dancing and making Love at the same time were possible, this is the song I would choose without hesitation.

5. Little Dragon | Ritual Union
Dear Yukimi Nagano, please marry me. Or if you don’t want to do that can you come to my house and sing this song to me? Or if you don’t want to do that then can you please always keep singing, and I will keep listening to you sing. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

6. The Doors | Light My Fire
+ Love Me Two Times... I find it hard to pick a Doors song, but when Jim whispers me secrets of the Other Side, then screams like a madman to launch me into the ether and I finally float back to Earth, I’m never sure if I’ve just been completely ripped apart or enlightened. Perhaps the ripping apart leads to the Enlightenment. Either way, Jim and The Doors will always have a place in my heart.

7. Bob Dylan | Subterranean Homesick Blues
I hope I never do a cover of this song. I’ve thought about it so many times and still haven’t learnt the lyrics by heart. Some Dylan songs are so much better when covered, but this one… No, no, no. This is a Dylan song for Dylan only. I was not surprised when I heard that John Lennon supposedly said he found it so captivating he didn’t know if he’d be able to write a song that could compete with it. The scratchy, moody, 60’s recording makes me want to record an entire album in a day… But then I remember.

8. The Presidents Of The United States Of America | Lump
I remember as 10 year old sitting in my sister's room with her tape player and handwriting the lyrics to this song. It was a labour of at least a couple of hours. What I would pay now to see that little sheet of paper. I remember not understanding anything – and even making up my own words because I couldn’t for the life of me understand what were they singing – but being completely fascinated by every word they sung. It still excites me every time I hear this song.

9. Bon Iver | re: stacks
Sometimes you hear a song and it’s so simple and so beautiful and stays with you so strongly that you almost ache in the wish that you had have written it. Upon first hearing this song I remember shaking my head when the chorus first came in and saying things like no and wow. Then the verse soothes you and you find yourself heavily anticipating the arrival of the sweet subtleties of that seductive chorus.

10. Lykke Li | Little Bit
I love a lot of girl songwriters. They are so quirky and unafraid to be outrageous. When girls sing Pop songs, disguised in weird and wild Production, I have these strong urges to be a girl myself. Often when I write a song I am picturing a girl singing it, and it can get a little tricky when I realize I’m the one that has to sing it. Maybe I have just a little bit of woman in me…