WARMER MIXTAPES #1126 | by Matthew Harris [Hyroglifics]

1. Stardust | Music Sounds Better With You
I grew up with this tune, and I always used to watch the Music channels on TV before School, and this tune was always played and just kinda grew on me, the video is equally as nice as the song too!

2. Eprom | Beasts Of Babylon
This is taken from his latest LP Halflife on Rwina. One of the most interesting albums that came out last year. I just love how moody it is and also how raw, stripped back and Minimal the Production is. I love the switch ups throughout the tune too.

3. Alix Perez | 1984
One of my favourite Alix Perez tunes, such a cool opening track to his debut LP, this is one of those tracks that will stay fresh throughout time.

4. The Bug | Skeng (feat. Killa P + Flowdan)
Timeless classic. Still destroys dancefloors everytime it gets played.

5. Commodo | $pace Cash
Heard this for the first time on a huge rig at Outlook Festival last year on the beach, it's just so dark and moody!

6. Jamie xx | Beat For
This track really reminds me of when I went on a family holiday to Cornwall, it complemented the journey so well.

7. Om Unit | The Road (feat. Charlie Dark)
Deep vibes, this one makes me go all shivery. Om Unit is the man!

8. Eveson | Kodama
This was pretty much the first Drum & Bass track I listened to when I was at School. I heard it and then remember being in the car going home one night and a pirate radio station came on the radio and was playing Drum & Bass and I just couldn't get enough of it.

9. Danny Brown | Blunt After Blunt
I recently discovered Danny Brown and find him so hilarious, his lyrics are just over the top and ridiculous but I love it. He seems like a cool guy too.

10. submerse | Melonkoly (RLP Remix)
Submerse Fan Mode Time. This is from his Melonkoly EP on Project Mooncircle. Just such a cool flip of his original. I love listening to this whole EP whenever I'm on the train or travelling somewhere.

+11. Nicole Wray | I'm Looking (submerse Remix)
I haven't actually heard a Submerse tune that I didn't like... This is one of my favourites, it just really resonated with me when I listened to it for the first time.