WARMER MIXTAPES #1141 | by Kirill H. [zaika]

It took me a long time to choose the best tracks of many thousands I’ve been listening to for the last few years. Now this is gonna be a journey...

1. Adventure | Rio
I chose this one as #1 to show you who I really am. This track somehow reminds me of my childhood because of those synths. When you were born in the '90s you will understand. I really like that bright and playful melody and I’ve also been down so long... Do you feel it? Aha-aha-aha-aa… Very catchy.

2. Charles Murdoch | No Lungs
One of my latest favorites… I just love this one because it soothes me.

3. Rain Dog | Regolith
My personal Spring tune because it sounds refreshing to me. What else can I say.

4. Lapalux | Swallowing Smoke
Imagine like you’re on vacation and it’s a hot bright summer afternoon. Lapalux’s Music inspires me and makes me think positive about here and now.

5. xxxy | You Always Start It 
Another lovely, positive summer tune. Never going to forget the memories associated with this track.

6. Wild Beasts | Thankless Thing
This is like water to a thirsty corn. My inner self literally grew each time I listened to this track. It gives me a feeling of being mature and strong.

7. Synkro | Get Down
It’s like sitting in a train and longingly watching out of the window. I don’t know why but the calm guitar passages in this tune remind me of some idyllic, Futuristic Background Music from the movie The Fifth Element. I really like that movie, by the way.

8. Opium Flirt | Saint European King Days
Whenever you’re sad, just listen to this track and it will put a smile on your face.

9. Aereogramme | Exits
One of my favorite Post-Rock tunes. I used to listen to it a lot during solitary walks. Imagine how it’s nighttime now, you walk outside with your eyes closed and listen to this track. Turn your head towards the sky, but don’t open your eyes yet, just wait until the first kick drops and the hats start running. Do you feel how it is? Do you feel how it releases you from all your worries? Now open your eyes and watch the stars.

10. Guerre | Millenium Blues 
This one is very personal. I used to listen to it a lot when I was in a relationship. It’s so intense but calm like that relationship was. And you’re still the one. You held me closer than anyone. – these words wake many memories in me. And I’m not only feeling and seeing them like as if they’re still present, I can even smell them…