WARMER MIXTAPES #1144 | by Will Berridge

1. Soundmurderer & SK-1 | Lock It Off
I've been in a reminescent mood recently, this reminds me of being in College and literally living for the weekend, big parties, plenty of cider, plenty of Jungle.

2. Mount Kimbie | Maybes
Because the drive home the next day was always horrible.

3. Slightly Stoopid | Everything You Need
Without sounding too cliché, I think around the time I was listening to this album I did have everything I needed, haha. Reminds me of sunny days and surfing with friends religiously, simple life really.

4. Cliff Martinez | Wrong Floor (Drive Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Drive is a beautiful film, as is the soundtrack. The Music really completes this film, and ever since watching it I can't stop listening to the soundtrack! Cliff Martinez was the perfect candidate for the job, and it just shows how much of an impact the Music can have when done properly.

5. Youandewan | Disarray
Youandewan is easily my standout producer of 2013, he has had some incredible drops on Hypercolour and Simple, I'm anxiously waiting to see what the guy will do next!

6. Slum Village | Fall In Love
J Dilla's on point here, I'm going through one of those J Dilla phases... Again...

7. Aphex Twin | Tha
I've been into Aphex Twin since I was maybe 11-12, since then it has always been the emotional chord driven stuff that gets me. Harrowing yet soothing, proper emotional. Not many other artists will prong an emotion like Aphex Twin. I love the introduction of that bassline around 3:45, so subtle yet big at the same time. The Selected Ambient Works series is timeless, and will forever be one of my favourite albums of all time!

8. DeepChord | Aeronautics
Would be rude if some Techno didn't get a mention, the atmospheres and textures created throughout this track are literally insane, each time I listen I seem to hear something new.

9. 2Pac | Representin' 93
It's a shame Tupac's works were tainted and almost ruined overnight thanks to Elton John and Eminem. Prior to the Death Row days Tupac's production was unpolished and raw, with both chaotic and aggressive vocals to match. Do a bit of digging and you'll soon realise why he's regarded to be one of the best Hip-Hop artists of all time.

10. Kris Wadsworth | Girl Talk
I think the MIST boys must get pissed at how much I play this track out with them, ha... The vocals are pretty funny though, I love sex and I love fucking... You get the jist... Girl Talk... Forever loved Wadsworth's stuff and am really excited for his album on Hypercolour!