WARMER MIXTAPES #1181 | by Matthew Wade [My Silent Bravery]

1. Beastie Boys | Paul Revere
My favorite song off the first album that I ever owned. My mom bought it for me when I was five. This song is still one of my go-to songs to cover or do karaoke to, maybe that is if there is no Baby Got Back.

2. Dave Matthew Band | #41
Could possibly be my favorite song ever? What’s it about – I have no idea?! Dave says it’s about lost Innocence. In most songs I like the lyrics, in this song I love the melodies and rhythms, the solos. This song takes me back to High School, hanging out with some of my best friends. I have probably seen more DMB shows than all other concerts combined. DMB just take me to a happy place. Great musicians, great lyrics, great songs, and their shows are a great hang. Crash is still one of my favorite full albums.

3. Drake | Forever (feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem)
Killer verses by the best rappers in the game. I also can kill a few birds with one stone on this one. I have been learning this one to cover for quite some time and I think it took me a year to really get it down. Still yet to play it out in public though.

4. 311 | Do You Right
I played this cassette tape out in High School. I am dating myself and these guys have songs from other albums that I like more, but 311 - Music was my jam in High School. I am a huge fan of albums, and this whole album is killer.

5. Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley | As We Enter 
Distant Relatives could be my favorite collaboration album of all times and this song kicks it off. I would spin this record before Kanye and JAY Z’s Watch The Throne any day of the week and twice on Sunday. However there is no song on here that touches Niggas In Paris, so don’t get mad at me just yet, Kanye.

6. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Exodus
+ Kaya... These are my two favorite Marley albums. I can’t narrow it down to just songs from these albums, although you can’t go wrong with either of those songs either. You need these whole records in your collection pronto. Throw on Bob any summer day and the Sun Is Shining & you be Jammin', man.

7. Big Head Todd & The Monsters | Resignation Superman 
Amazing driving song. This song has been with me on many a road trip and it never gets old. Cool concept too, about Superman wanting to hang up his cape to settle down and live a life.

8. Van Morrison | Into The Mystic
Moondance is my favorite Van album and this is probably my favorite jam on that album. I like the Spiritual nature of this song without it even trying to be. Great use of the word gyspy. Best make out album ever.

9. Sublime | Doin' Time
It’s hard to pick a favorite song from this album, or their previous album either, but it would probably be this one. Another Summertime favorite. We played those Sublime records out in High School and College. They take me right back to the beer pong table.

10. Eagles | Hotel California
They have been playing the Eagles documentary on cable for the last few months on repeat and for some reason I have to watch it every time it’s on. This song might have the best solo of all time. I love the Reggae vibe and the lyrics and harmonies are unforgettable. Now that is how you write a song!