WARMER MIXTAPES #1184 | by Kyle Bobby Dunn of Subtract By Two

1. Talk Talk | New Grass
I love most songs and things I have heard of Talk Talk and I personally think they are one of the most interesting and near perfect groups of our time. I heard the album Laughing Stock when I worked at a College radio station and this song gets me splintered every time. Just true aching beauty and Realism that never fails me. I listen to a lot of songs to make me feel good about not feeling good and this is nearly the best.

2. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny | Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
First heard while cruising odd highway stretches in North/Western New Jersey and then listening among train rides in NYC it was like golden blasts of Confusion, Sadness and Hope for me. I'd play it at parties and people would get really angry at me so I'd pass out face down on the ground in front of them. It didn't make them like the song more, but some of the girls were into it.

3. The Who | Won't Get Fooled Again 
I have no idea why I like this song really. It just reminds me of a lot of Ridiculousness in the World and whenever I hear the ending rock out I get kind of weird and do a lot of LOL in front of whoever is present. The song is dumb but kinda fun.

4. Madonna | I'll Remember (With Honors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A special soundtrack only song from the With Honors soundtrack in 1994. I did actually first hear it in '94 when I was in like 3rd grade, but it's bounced up in recent times and what a beautiful fucking song. Love the synth and beat power and poetic exactitude she delivers. Not a Madonna fan by any means, but this is her best work, hands down. You do not need any other Madonna song. It reminds me of the Power of Love and Time and Memory and the Energy is pitch perfect.

5. Ennio Morricone | Dellera - NanĂ  (II Versione)
First time I ever came to Montreal I fell in Love and walked around the neighborhood I now reside in listening to this. It made the streets and sky and feeling of Love very real and it is epically romantic and full of passion. Morricone is the greatest Film Composer of all time, no doubt, and has made a lot of favored Soundtrack Music for films I often have never seen, but this soundtrack doesn't need a film accompaniment almost. Your life is the film and it's made even more beautiful by this.

6. Cocteau Twins | Cherry-Coloured Funk
I love the whole album of Heaven Or Las Vegas, but this opening number almost says it all. A sad slow dance Love ballad that still manages to be completely enticing and cool, but, oh, man, the aches too.

7. Grouper | Atone
I love everything about this woman. I bet I would even love her coldest hours. I listened to A I A so much and still find myself returning to it a lot, but this song always requires a few repeats whilst listening to the whole album. Beauty of Loneliness goes full circle and becomes Power. Soft, Subtle, Gorgeous Power.

8. Brian Eno | Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960
This is Eno's finest recording from his best Ambient outing, Ambient 4: On Land. A true development of Emotion created through Sound. What I often try and create with my sounds is a New Emotion entirely. Something that may be a combination of all known human emotions, but something that breaks of being just one single emotion. In first listening to Dunwich Beach I was transported to some of the darkest, bleakest memories of times that may have never even existed to me, but altogether did once I thought of them as a possible reality. The amazing thing about the Mind, or Imagination even, is that you do create everything. Yes, there are times and circumstances handed you throughout life, but they are just as ephemeral as say a simple thought or idea and almost exist in the same way. Some thoughts have even had greater impact on me than most Life events. But they too, are Life events.

9. Josh Barsky | Eclipse Yourself (My Baby) 
This man is a true genius. I first met with him in Calgary, was drawn to him for his rather timeless and epic facial expressions. Upon realizing he was a musician I was immediately enthralled to hear what he made and I was very blown away. At that time, 2006, he was writing mostly quieter guitar ballads, but as years changed and our lives became disconnected in scattered places he began writing and arranging complex Pop songs and Dance ballads that had a power unlike any Music made before. Sheer and profound comic genius meeting visceral emotion that refused to come down from a giant glacier. I often wish Josh made all the rules in Canada or was at least Mayor of Toronto. He would make an amazing well spoken and even at times well screamed leader. His screaming on this track is something you will never forget and it has inspired me for years to come.

10. Lewis | Love Showered Me
Discovering this album at one of the most lonesome and in Love times of Life was a hard climb. But it reminded me the importance of Loneliness and the beauty that always holds your hand with it. A classic that has gotten insane attention recently for how deeply heartbroken and ghostly it tends to be. Best listen you will have in your young adult lives, I bet.