WARMER MIXTAPES #1186 | by Will Lulofs [Will Stratton]

1. Smog | I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
This is my number one favorite song in the World, and it has been since it came out. It has the taste of Water and Oxygen, like it is completely objective and has no tint to its take on the World. Good and Evil reside in equal measure in this song.

2. Fairport Convention | Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
Some songs, especially some songs from the first half of the 1970's, sound to me like what photographers call the Golden Hour, where everything takes on this beautiful, nostalgic quality, and this, along with a lot of Nick Drake's stuff, has that quality. Sandy Denny's voice is so velvety and unhurried here.

3. Arthur Russell | Our Last Night Together
The ache of Love in its most desolate moments has never been described better than in this song.

4. Glen Campbell | Gentle On My Mind (John Hartford Cover)
Glen Campbell's voice reminds me of being young and living in California, though when I first got to know his Music I hadn't lived in California in a long time. It has this golden, sunny quality to it that I associate with the state, particularly the East Bay and even parts of the Central Valley. This is my favorite song of his.

5. Fridge | Cut Up Piano And Xylophone
If there were a Heaven, this is what it I think it would sound like, kind of cold and beautiful in an alien way that never wears out.

6. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No. 5 (Played by Daniel Varsano)
Compared to his Gymnopédies and the lower-numbered Gnossiennes, this is one of Satie's less beloved piano pieces, but I think it is completely perfect, sort of like a Musical distillation of Kant's continental attempt to define Beauty objectively in his Critique Of Judgment. I have collected every performance of this piece that I can, and for me, the definitive version is Daniel Varsano's 1981 recording.

7. Gilberto Gil | Aquele Abraço 
A wonderful song about the people of Rio De Janeiro, written by a genius at a time of great political turmoil. Also a great dinner party song.

8. American Football | Never Meant 
American Football was the best band to come out of Emo in the late 90's (or ever, for that matter), and this was their best song. I listen to this song and time goes backwards.

9. Broken Social Scene | Guilty Cubicles
A very simple song, sort of like a reduction of the ideas of American Football into a smaller, less virtuosic package, but with its own iridescent quality. I listen to this song and Time stops.

10. Dirty Three | Michele
This quick song reminds me of being in a bus in Scotland one really sunny morning, and seeing an uninhabited island off the coast covered in birds. I wasn't listening to this at the time, but I should have been.

+11. Tiny Ruins | Adelphi Aparments
Hollie has this uncanny ability to tell a complete story in just a few minutes in a way that includes exactly the right amount of details to be completely and sublimely heartbreaking. My hat is off to her.

+12. David Moore | 2:08am: Grace On The Street, Dirty
David also fronts the incredible ensemble Bing And Ruth. This piano piece is what it sounds like in the Financial District at three in the morning.