WARMER MIXTAPES #1191 | by Fred Page

1. Fleetwood Mac | Songbird 
It's about True Love - and Christine McVie sounds amazing and it feels like her being totally honest.

2. Jónsi | Tornado
This tune is incredible - his voice, all the crashes. Super high octane emotion.

3. Radiohead | High And Dry
This will always be a favourite for me. It was always on in the car when I was a kid.

4. Volcano Choir | Comrade
My new favourite thing. There is a live performance version on YouTube by Pitchfork TV that is unbelievable. Love the vocal detuner.

5. Tracy Chapman | Fast Car
Her vocals on this song make me wanna get better at singing. She is amazing.

6. The Rance Allen Group | I Belong To You
One of the best vocals ever. Such amazing control.

7. Bon Iver | re:stacks
This song can chill me out or get me hyped - which is pretty rare.

8. The Rolling Stones | You Can't Always Get What You Want
This is another tune that was around me constantly when I was a kid - my dad's favourite.

9. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should've Come Over 
Brooding. Awesome. Brilliant.

10. Bruce Springsteen | I'm On Fire
The best sexy song in the World for me. He's incredible.