WARMER MIXTAPES #1193 | by Fred Rosengren [samsqwamch/WUUDS]

1. Beck | Loser
It's just one of these songs that never die. I was very young when I first heard it and the chorus just got me hooked right away, not really knowing what it meant at the time. I always been somewhat of a loner and this is like the anthem for me.

2. LOL Boys | Changes (Shlohmo Remix)
It's the perfect slow-banger and I just love how the song evolves from this mystic place into a place of tranquility.

3. | Fire Rides (Night Version)
I'm just a sucker for beautiful vocal work and alluring atmospheric beats painting the perfect picture. Can listen to stuff like this for hours on end.

4. Ry X, Frank Wiedemann Pres.: The Howling | Shortline
I've always been jealous of people that could sing beautifully, because I wanted to sing, but doubted myself a lot growing up. So yeah, when I listen to songs like this I remember the dream I had as a conflicted teenager.

5. Slipknot | Wait And Bleed
I remember always coming home from School hearing this outside the apartment building because my older brother Jimmy would play it so loud, and this song particularly stuck with me because of the singing part in this song.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Otherside
I've always been attracted to dark and sad songs, and remember this being so dark it made me happy that this existed. My cousin and I used to listen to this a lot and we would always have an air drum-off to this song.

7. Beastie Boys | Sabotage
This always made me flip out when it came on MTV, I would jump around and dance like a madman when I was younger, a timeless classic for sure.

8. Black Moth Super Rainbow | Psychic Love Damage
It has this melancholic feel to it that I love and distorted vocals, just a great piece of Music overall.

9. We Were Promised Jetpacks. | It's Thunder And It's Lightning
Believe I first heard this song on an episode of One Tree Hill many years ago, it fast became one of my favorite songs ever. I just love the build up from 2:15 and get goose bumps when he screams your body was black at 2:37. Yeah, an amazing tune!

10. Bon Iver | re:stacks
I remember it was a gloomy day back in '08, and I was in my dark room roaming the net and somehow stumbled upon this miracle called Bon Iver. I was hooked the very first time I heard Justin Vernon sing. This song in particular has the right elements of depressing, yeah, I just love the somber feel it has. Like I said before I remembered the dream of that conflicted teenager when hear songs like this, easily one of my favorite songs of all time.

+11. Wye Oak | Shriek
Just love the vocal play in this song and it makes me feel happy and hopeful for some reason. Usually look for the gloomier and sad sound, but I surprise myself sometimes and like the happier kind of Music.

+12. Vera Hall | Trouble So Hard
Remember the Moby song Natural Blues and I only thought that this part was interesting so I went on searching for the sample he have used for his song, and I later found this song and was indeed happy I found it.

+13. Saintseneca | Acid Rain
It was such a thrill to discover Saintseneca and this song in particular, yet again one of my favorite songs.

+14. Jeff Buckley | Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
This version of this song will be played at my funeral. It's just such a breathtaking song, I remember when I first heard it and it made me teary eyed for sure. I believe the moment was when Marissa Cooper died in the second or third season finale of The O.C. Just remember it had such impact on me at the time. Despite being corny to some people, haha, yeah it was definitely a moment of greatness.

+15. Midnight Star | Midas Touch
This memory is one of my most beautiful memories, because it's one of the last times I got to meet my older brother Daniel. The story was that he had heard this song in a clothing store and was obsessed to find out what song it was, and he later found out which song it was. He was thrilled to find it, so this was the only song we listened to for days it felt like. A beautiful memory and I miss him dearly when I hear this song.