WARMER MIXTAPES #1196 | by Adam Tyler

1. Ace Of Base | Don’t Turn Around (Tina Turner Cover)
I first heard this song when I was about 6 years old. This is the first song I can remember loving when I was a kid. The melody and lyrics are great and I love the spoken bits in the song. It makes me feel really nostalgic and takes me back to when I was a kid first being introduced to Music. I remember watching the Music Video to this on MTV when I was younger and being mesmerized by the song.

2. Kelly Osbourne | One Word
I love the synths in this song so much. The spoken French intro makes this song instantly cool to me, and Kelly’s delivery of the lyrics is almost cold which makes me like it even more. It has an 80’s vibe to it but still sounds modern to me. This takes me back to my High School days. It’s also the inspiration to my new single Knew You Better, so it’s clearly left an impact on me!

3. Madonna | Frozen
This is my favorite song of all time. If I ever got a tattoo, it would probably be the lyrics to this song written somewhere on my body. I think the production is incredible and still sounds fresh today, even though it came out over 15 years ago. It’s haunting and atmospheric and takes me to a whole new place whenever I listen to it. I get really passionate every time I talk about this song because I love it so much, and I could talk about it for days. This song takes me back to when I was 10, listening to it over and over and pretending I was in a desert like Madonna was in the video.

4. Nine Inch Nails | Closer
The production of this song is otherworldly. It makes me feel sexual and aggressive and dirty and I think it’s genius. It sounds like the mixture of a Horror movie and a porn. I first heard this song in High School, and I would also listen to it really, really loud with my car windows down because I lived in quite a religious neighborhood and all the cussing in the chorus made me feel like a rebel, haha.

5. Spice Girls | Take Me Home
This is probably the darkest song the Spice Girls have ever done, and I loved it ever since I heard it in 1997. I guess I had a bit of a dark side even back then. I love the strings and saxophone. It makes me think of a dark, cold, rainy night in the middle of New York City. I had to include a Spice Girls song on the list because they were one of the first artists to really get me to fall in Love with Music, and this is my favorite song by them. I remember buying the CD single to this and always listening to this song on my CD player on the sidewalk when I was a kid.

6. A*Teens | Closer To Perfection
This was always the standout song from the A*Teens, and was one of my favorite songs as a teenager. It definitely takes me back to my High School days. It’s ridiculously catchy, and the synths and production are heaven. I still listen to this song regularly. It makes me so happy! It sounds so euphoric and every time I hear it I just want to stop what I’m doing and dance my face off.

7. Britney Spears | Breathe On Me
My favorite Britney song. It oozes Sex and Sensuality. I love the production and my favorite part is the final chorus when the extra synth pops in and out. I listened to this all the time when I was in High School. It totally takes me back to those days of me dancing in my bedroom to this blasting. I remember buying the album and, as soon as I got to this song, I would listen to it on repeat for the longest time, forgetting about the rest of the album. It’s so sexy!!

8. Loreen | Everytime
This is the newest song on my list, but I love it so much. The live sounding, stripped back intro is amazing, and I love Loreen’s voice. The song sounds heartbreaking and peaceful at the same time. I think the production is incredible, and I love the verses of the song. Even though the rest of her album is fantastic, this song always stuck out to me over the others. It makes me think of the winter of 2012, and she became a big inspiration in my songwriting since then.

9. George Michael | Freeek!
I remember seeing the video to this for the first time on Top Of The Pops in 2002 and thinking it was incredible. It’s sexy, Industrial, aggressive, cool, and is some of my favorite production on a Pop song I’ve ever heard. Every time I hear the song I’m transported back to 2002 and me seeing the Music Video for the first time. I remember exactly where I was.

10. Matinee Club | Suburban Culture
This is probably the most unknown song on my list, but it’s amazing. The melody, lyrics, and production are all incredible and this deserves to be on everyone’s iPod. I would always listen to this song during High School, driving around in my truck. I’m slightly obsessed with the chorus and I have this weird swaying dance move that I always do no matter where I am when it gets to the chorus of this song. I feel really cool listening to this song because it's a song not very many people know, so it's like a secret gem of a song.