WARMER MIXTAPES #1198 | by Joanna Herskovits, Alice Luther Näsholm (Lucid Dream, After School Sports) and Carl Leonard Öhman (Lucid Dream, Nhessingtons, Kallokain) of Museum Of Bellas Artes

SIDE A | by Carl Leonard Öhman

1. Malcolm Cecil | Gamelonia Dawn
The Radiance album is such a dream. This exploration of timbres really inspires me.

2. The Main Attraction | If I’m Wrong
Their only album, And Now... The Main Attraction, is a pearl. One of many inspirations for me when we recorded our debut album Pieces.

3. Piero Umiliani | Crepuscolo Sul Mare (La Legge Dei Gangsters Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It’s something about the recording itself, it’s so far away from the sounds of today. It’s beautifully arranged to. I’m a cineast, or at least I see myself as Film enthusiast, and this piece of Music makes me want to once again escape into the wonderful world of Cinema. Immediately. But, just for the record, his Music is bigger than the movies where his Music is used...

4. Tones On Tail | Lions
Chemical. One person in our studio complex pointed out the similarity with our song Abyss. That’s how I first heard it. Played it a lot last summer.

5. Terry Riley | A Rainbow In Curved Air
Every summer for a couple of years I’ve listened to this walking home in the night. It interacts with my ponderings about the Universe.

6. Carl Orff | Musik Für Kinder III, No. 15 - Four Pieces for Xylophone: Gassenhauer Nach Hans Neusiedler (Performed by Karl Peinkofer Percussion Ensemble)
I sometimes takes this out when I need something easy, to lighten myself up. It’s all about the arrangement in this, it’s so playful.

7. The United States Of America | Stranded In Time

8. Martyn + Four Tet | Glassbeadgames
Tune for Summer nights.

9. Radiohead | Exit Music (For A Film)
Never really listened to Radiohead when I was younger, but it’s something I’ve done now. I respect a lot of their tracks, but it’s especially Nigel Godrich production work that I’m into.

10. György Sándor Ligeti | Artikulation
+ Atmosphères... Two different worlds to get lost in… I’m lost. Or at home.

SIDE B | by Alice Luther Näsholm

1. Aaliyah | Down With The Clique
I listened a lot to this whole record when I was 13. She sounds SO incredibly cool.

2. The Smiths | I Won't Share You
I was a huge Smiths and Morrissey fan when I was about 15. I can barely listen to these songs anymore, due to over listening. But this one is one of the songs that my ears still can handle once in a while.

3. Felt | Primitive Painters (with Elizabeth Fraser)
The only song that has its own playlist on my Spotify account.

4. SZA | Child's Play (feat. Chance The Rapper)
It gives you that on-the-beach-with-a-drink-in-your-hand feeling.

5. Céline Dion | It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Pandora's Box Cover)
The intro!... (In the longer version) The chorus!... Just sayin'...

6. Thomas Lindahl | Peggys Sång (Hunden Som Log Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack to a Swedish youth movie from '89, which is also my birthyear. I remembered the song from another movie I watched a lot when I was little, where the song is played in the background in one scene. It took me hours on Google to find out what song it was and where I could find it. And that was when I found out it actually was a soundtrack to that earlier movie. However, the song is sung by a very very young girl, who seem to have a very old soul. It's very beautiful.

7. Hanson | MMMBop
I've been constantly impressed now for 17 years by the fact that three boys under the age of like 14 wrote a song like this. They did write it by themselves, right? RIGHT? And also, I'm still very much in Love with the 14 year old version of Taylor.

8. Jackson C. Frank | Blues Run The Game
This song reminds me of a dear old friend that somewhat disappeared. It was one of her favorite songs, and it also became one of mine. I read that Jackson C. Frank, just like myself, when recording in the studio, wasn't able to play when there were people watching. It made me like him even more.

9. Sia | Chandelier 
It's just a really good song, that's all.

10. Marine Girls | Honey
The most played song on my computer between 2004-2007.

SIDE C | by Joanna Herskovits

1. Patti Smith Group | Distant Fingers
I grew up listening to Patti Smith and meanwhile my Love for this goddess has grown. This song reminds me of something ancient, something essential and primal.

2. Keith Jarrett | Part I (The Köln Concert)
Maybe a bit pretentious, but this piano piece is amazing. I never really listened much to Free Jazz, but when I listen to this I feel like traveling alone into the wild or like swimming in a dark blue, deep lake in the forest. I feel like living in a big city in Canada when I hear it. Well, it is a masterpiece.

3. Nico | These Days
This song makes you feel less strange when you’re depressed.

4. M.I.A. | Paper Planes
Epic anthem, all there is to be said about this song.

5. Sara Folkets Parkman | Vintersaga (Ted Ström Cover)
A beautiful song originally written by Ted Ström. But I saw it performed by the singer and musician Sara Folkets Parkman and I was totally stunned. Her voice is ridiculously good.

6. Doktor Kosmos | Rymdtrippen
I haven’t listened to this song in a very long time now, but I used to listen to this band a lot. This song is very beautiful and the band is political, and I agree with them ideologically. It is an accomplished song.

7. Mapei | Don’t Wait
A nice and creative song.

8. Tom Tom Club | Genius Of Love

9. The Cranberries | Dreams
I love the melodics in this song.

10. Mary Jane Girls | All Night Long