WARMER MIXTAPES #1204 | by Simon Merle [The Bankees]

1. Big Star | Thirteen
I prefer sad songs than happy songs. I don’t know why. Maybe sad songs are truer. You can feel this Humanity in the voice of Alex Chilton... I'm French, so sometimes I don't really understand what the song is about, but I don't have to 'cause the message is obvious.

2. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
It’s necessarily one of my favorite songs; it was played for my wedding. Very emotional and Spiritual. I never doubted that Music was religious in a way. It’s almost Classical Music to my ears.

3. The Jesus And Mary Chain | Darklands
I just love this simple rhythm, this simple melody and the feeling of Easiness. It’s like surfing in slow motion. And these guys have style.

4. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
I really like these tumbling drums. This band has the perfect sound, a perfect balance between bass and treble, Sadness and Joy, girls and males voices. I like to listen to Fleetwood Mac in my car. This one is really a dream song. But you can guess that nasty feelings are hidden behind this shiny Pop. Best songs are always a mix of Light and shadows.

5. The Beatles | In My Life
The best Pop song in the World. Our lives are like short novels. And this feeling of nostalgia is so strong! I love this accelerated keyboard solo in the middle of the song. I've got other favorite Beatles songs, but this one is very personal for some unknown reasons.

6. Pixies | Here Comes Your Man
Not the usual Pixies sound, but an ideal jangly guitar riff and a sweet melody sung by Kim Deal. It may sound like a sixties pastiche, but there’s something very spontaneous and catchy. And these ingenuous lyrics are just sticking to the Music perfectly. I think I could dance on it!

7. The Zombies | Friends Of Mine
Another Pop song which is very touching. It’s about friends who are in Love, and the way it makes you feel happy for them. I was studying in a city far away from my friends when I heard it for the first time. I also love the way the vocal harmonies are singing the names of friends of the band. It’s very pretty but not too cute or ridiculous.

8. My Bloody Valentine | When You Sleep
Dreamy Music with sugar melody and a lot of Noise. The name of the track leads us in the World of Dreams, between the Conscious and the Unconscious, which is the authentic field of Music.

9. Elliott Smith | Between The Bars
So much sadness for one man! But isn’t it miraculous? This Music can make you feel both miserable and thankful for such a wonderful tune. I discovered this song when I was 15. I’ve never been so happy to be sad.

10. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young | Our House
I really like this song. It’s as if I had always known this melody. And I’m a stay-at-home person. I like to stay home, feeling like I’m in the right place, with the right persons, the right furniture… A house is not only a building, it’s the place you can build your life, and create your own universe.