WARMER MIXTAPES #1207 | by Luca Roccatagliati [DJ Rocca] of Erodiscotique, Supersonic Lovers, Maffia Soundsystem, Crimea X and Ajello

1. Dexter Wansell | Life On Mars
This track is Funk, Jazz and Cosmic as well, it’s that piece of Music that have a strong groove with a Psychedelic approach. A sort of Retro Future feeling that is a constant in every Dexter Wansell record.

2. Brian Eno | No One Receiving
A pure Genius of the Music History, Mr. Eno got the right No Wave ingredients in this track, perfect vocals, the Avant Garde drums, guitars effects and a great bassline...

3. Can | ...And More
Disco not Disco, a great example of Krautrock without any frontiers. A percussion jam with a wah wah guitar on top for a loopy killer groove.

4. Chris & Cosey | Driving Blind
Electro New Wave at its best! This couple of Synth Music pioneers did lots of interesting stuff, but this is a true masterpiece.

5. GANG | KKK. (Dub Mix & Bonus Beats)
TR-808 driven Italo Disco. Balearic stuff, but with a strong melodic sense of Music. Great arrangement and a superb synthetic vision of the Disco world.

6. Herbie Hancock | Speak Like A Child
The Real Master at work. The Boss did this timeless Bossa track before it was 30 years old. Everything from Mr. Hancock is gold, but this piece of Music is a medicine for every person in the World.

7. Liaisons Dangereuses | Los NiƱos Del Parque
Can’t be tired of this. A perfect Techno track before Techno, the classic Experimental New Wave experiment properly ahead of their times!

8. Mike Dunn | So Let It Be Houze!
It’s in the title... House Music! Funky, rough and so powerful… The Minimal approach to the synthetic world of Acid Funk with machines.

9. Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis | Gluttony
Deepness and Class. This couple of producers did amazing gems and superb productions, and this track is the best journey into the marvellous world of Electronic Disco.

10. The Undisputed Truth | Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World)/Friendship Train
Progressive Funk, or slow Psychedelic Soul? It doesn't matter, you can listen to this driving track from the beginning to the end and you want more...