WARMER MIXTAPES #1209 | by Tommy Impey [Impey]

1. J Dilla | Dime Piece (feat. Dwele) (Remix)
This tune really sums up what Dilla is all about to me... The smooth rolling bass line floating throughout the track accompanied by the melodies of Dwele was something which blows my mind. One of them tunes which I can bump whilst in any mood.

2. AFTA-1 | Honey Dip
AFTA-1 is another Hip-Hop artist who heavily influenced my production. The way he structures the whole album Aftathoughts Vol. 1 is something that really changed the way I go about writing tunes to this day. The neck-breaking swing over the chopped guitar samples really is hard not to love.

3. Kromestar | Shake It
Kromestar is another artist who without I most definitely would not making the same Music I’m making today, if at all. Shake It really defines the raw Kromestar sound. The Wonky window-wiping horn stabs and the signature percussion grooves rounded off with the pounding sub is a formula which Kromestar is a master for.

4. Three Six Mafia | Sippin' On Some Syrup (feat. The Diplomats, DJ Paul, Juicy J & Bun B) (Remix) (Purple Punch)
This tune introduced me to the real Trap wave, sadly the term has been twisted heavily in the last few years. The raw 808 vibe of this era is something which had a big impact on my production also.

5. Jurassic 5 | What’s Golden
This is another era of Hip Hop which I really love.. Jurassic 5 really captured the feel good Hip Hop of that era. The madly chopped organ samples carry the track through especially sick when accompanied by the last verse from Chali 2na.

6. Erykah Badu | On & On
Erykah Badu is yet another one of the most influential artists in my eyes. This roller produced by the legend Madukwu Chinwah is what captures Erykah's whole approach to Music and way of Life. Baduizm is no doubt a Life changing album.

7. Guthrie Govan | Slidey Boy
In my eyes the best guitarist alive, alongside Tosin Abasi of the Animals As Leaders. The melodies on this track are unexplainable. The way the bassline is written underneath to perfectly accompany the crazy cross rhythms of Guthrie's guitar line is absolutely genius. His album Erotic Cakes is another album which will be on repeat for years and years to come.

8. Animals As Leaders | Song Of Solomon
This track, in my eyes defines a Musical Masterpiece. The Jazz infused melodies and scales, which Tosin Abasi uses to write these tracks, are wonderfully placed. Not to mention the insane time signature changes throughout... You gotta have some sympathy for the drummer Matt Garstka. Both albums the self-titled Animals As Leaders and Weightless are another two that will be on repeat for Eternity.

9. Nirvana | Come As You Are
Nirvana were the first band which I really felt a connection with. This was the first song I heard from them. The simplicity of the main riff is something that Nirvana were masters of. Kurt is a Musical Legend who has written Music to continue to inspire many generations to come.

10. Luther Vandross | Never Too Much
This song captures my childhood perfectly. I unfortunately didn’t grow up in the 80s, but my parents were big fans of the whole Jazz Funk era. I’m very grateful to have experienced this upbringing, without this I don’t think I would have half the groove and Soul I feel within Music. The bassline and the piano stabs sitting over the melodies of Mr. Vandross are tooooo much (excuse the pun).