WARMER MIXTAPES #1221 | by Ed Allen (The Mavericks Of Love, We Found The Fox), Elliott Brown (Hang Fire), Adam Dolby (The Mavericks Of Love, Hyman Roth) and George Wheeler (The Mavericks Of Love) of Tilapia

SIDE A | by Ed Allen

1. The Magnetic Fields | A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Just an absolutely heartbreaking but hilarious tune. The guy is an absolute genius. He has a completely unique talent of triggering all sorts of emotions at once.

2. of Montreal | Id Engager
An amazing Pop song. Makes my hips wiggle, eyebrows raised and teeth chatter.

3. of Montreal | Feminine Effects (feat. Rebecca Cash)
This song is so relaxing to listen to. I always listen to it on the bus when it's raining.

4. Paul Nicholas | Magical Mr. Mistoffelees (from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats)
Me, Wheeler and Dolby did this in a School play when we were about 8 or something. I've loved it ever since.

5. Destroyer | Bay Of Pigs
This song gives me the chills. I get a real kick out of Dan Bejar's voice. When the Acoustic comes in someway through the song it's so natural and gives everything that kick. A song to listen to when you're drinking alone in the dark, and then someone turns the light on near the end of the song.

6. Jack Wild | Consider Yourself (Oliver! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Another song from a Musical. It's a family song. I was brought up on cheesy Musical numbers.

7. Modest Mouse | We've Got Everything
In the Summer of 2009 we drove around in Dolby's blue Mini listening to this on repeat. Everyone loved it and I think it's the best Indie Pop songs out there. Perfect for the Summer.

8. James Baskett and Nick Stewart | Everybody's Got A Laughing Place (Song Of The South Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Br'er Rabbit's trick up his sleeve to fool Br'er Fox!

9. The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll
This would be on Elliott's list as well I think. Just very suave. It's cool. It's cooler than anything else there is.

10. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
Charming fellas making charming tunes and I was well and truly charmed from the start. The way the melody moves from each line is like a flume or something. I get that warm romantic feeling of Togetherness when I listen to it.

SIDE B | by Adam Dolby

1. Why? | The Hollows 
A classic car song, reminds me of driving around the countryside in my derelict car with the guys, after travelling 20 miles to the nearest pub for 1 pint, risking our lives in a tin can, it’s a recipe for joy.

2. Alkaline Trio | Every Thug Needs A Lady 
Embarrassing to say, but it’s from my youth and let’s be honest they are great no matter what anyone says...

3. The Beautiful South | Big Coin
Another embarrassing one... I remember listening to this when iPods and things didn’t exist, plugged headphones in to a massive Hi-Fi and listened to their album Quench over and over in my living room, it’s a great album and a great song.

4. The Black Keys | Grown So Ugly 
Nothing to say, it’s just a great song!

5. Queens Of The Stone Age | Auto Pilot 
I remember hearing this on a Kerrang! compilation album and just loving it.

6. Gerry Rafferty | Baker Street 
Never trust a man who doesn’t like this song.

7. Phoenix | Consolation Prizes 
Poppy genius...

8. Mclusky | She Will Only Bring You Happiness
It’s the one song I can partly play on guitar and for such an aggressive band it’s a great attempt at a Pop song.

9. Future Of The Left | Manchasm 
Couldn’t not include Future Of The Left, the rhythm in this song is just incredible and it’s lyrical genius.

10. Bombay Bicycle Club | Open House
 House parties and being 16...

SIDE C | by Elliott Brown

1. Curtis Mayfield | Pusherman 
Such a good groove, Curtis is a bad motherfucker, the whole Superfly album is great and difficult to choose a song.

2. Blue Boy | Remember Me
I first heard this as a cover by Tame Impala, I went back and found the original, the sample is great! Takes me back to when my friend Ash and I would put it on at every party and get down.

3. Mac DeMarco | Ode To Viceroy 
I can’t knock anything Mac does, I get lost in his albums. This song was a highlight when I saw him last year.

4. Richard Hawley | I'm Waiting For The Man (The Velvet Underground Cover)
A great Velvet Underground cover and gives the song all the justice it deserves, love the Richard Hawley freakout, 9 minutes long but he holds you on for every second.

5. The Housemartins | Happy Hour
Norman Cook when he was in his youth playing bass! Love the skiffle type sound, and observant British lyrics.
6. Elvis Presley | Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Whilst everyone my age was growing up were listening to Blink-182 or pretending they were into Nirvana, I was twisting my hips to the King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, I found the combination of Elvis and Scotty Moore insatiable.

7. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth | Bad Mutha 
A great sample and chilled beat, what more could you want? Put it on and sit back.

8. Jaakko Eino Kalevi | The Search 
Wheeler puts this on intentionally just to get me dancing, it works every time. Love the saxophone and flute!

9. The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll 
I know Ed has put this, but I’ve got to put it too, Lou Reed was the coolest guy and this showed exactly what he could do, the coolest riff, the coolest lyrics and I love the way he screams. Cool guy.

10. Dexys Midnight Runners | Geno 
My mum's favourite band, as soon as the song begins, it gets me all riled up and ready to sing along with Kevin Rowland.

SIDE D | by George Wheeler

1. Yes Nice | White Washed Walls 
Having recently discovered this band, I’ve had this track playing a lot. At one point it appears there is a tremolo on everything but the drums. This daring move only enhances my love for the charming Pop song.

2. Girls | Heartbreaker 
I saw this band on my 21st birthday away at Uni in Nottingham. As a massive surprise, half way through the set 6 of my best mates from home appeared from nowhere in the crowd. This track takes me back to that great night.

3. Beach House | Wishes
Ever since I saw the video for this song (directed by the amazing Eric Wareheim) I have fallen in Love with it. The twinkling synths combined huge guitars and Victoria Legrand’s velvety voice make for one epicly sized song.

4. Nico | These Days 
This perfectly quirky Pop song is guaranteed to either elevate me to maximum Happiness or ultimate Sadness. Either way it is a powerful track.

5. Devo | Whip It 
Put this on if you want me do a dance with an invisible whip. The looping riff in this thing is insane.

6. Wild Beasts | The Fun Powder Plot
This track is the perfect opener to a great album. The finger picked baseline and bongos are paired making an unique atmospheric rhythm. Hayden Thorpe’s unique vocals are great too and are so much more important to this band than the gimmick they are often regarded as.

7. Weezer | Undone - The Sweater Song
The slow steady rhythm and dodgy tuned guitars combined with the background conversations makes me wish I was an 18 yr old American Freshman.

8. Tanlines | Cactus
I love this band's brand of Synth Pop matching African drums to intricate computerised rhythms. Great Songwriting too. Can't wait to hear more from this band.

9. Small Black | Moon Killer 
I have been a fan of this band's Music for a while now. When this track dropped a few years back I had it on repeat for months... I still do.

10. MGMT | Congratulations 
Strangely this is the most played song in my iTunes. Something about the descending chords in this song never seem to bore me, they could repeat on forever and I would die a happy man.