WARMER MIXTAPES #1232 | by Natalie McCool

1. Cocteau Twins | Heaven Or Las Vegas 
All time favourite song #1. It's like I've always known this song, it's one of those. I feel like I grew up with it because my sisters always played it when I was really young. Elizabeth Fraser's voice is magic. I am really inspired by their sound.

2. Deftones | Cherry Waves
I love this band. This song is one of my favourites of theirs, it's lush. It's about drowning, but using drowning as a metaphor. If like you should sink down beneath, I'll swim down. Would you? Would You? - if you saved someone, would they save you in return? Deftones also have this kind of Wall of Sound guitar sound which I love and it really influences some of my guitar playing.

3. Jesca Hoop | Angel Mom 
Ever since I supported Jesca as part of her tour I have been in love with her Music. She is absolutely amazing and this song is so emotional - she wrote it about her late mother. It's beautiful and I suggest you listen to it too.

4. The Stone Roses | I Wanna Be Adored 
Every time I hear this song I feel as though I'm at a festival, the bassline is so hypnotic and John Squire's guitar line is very powerful, he is a guitarist who inspires me so much.

5. PJ Harvey | Is This Desire? 
One of the more subtle PJ Harvey tracks but I think it's beautiful. The arrangement is simple but divine, and the way she sings it is so soulful and plaintive. I think she's a genius.

6. The Cribs | You're Gonna Lose Us 
This reminds me of being a teenager, the song is so short but just raucous and catchy and perfect. The guitar solo is like a guitar-solo-version of a 50s Daz advert. Terry Christian is in the video too, which I would have loved to be in!

7. King Krule | Easy Easy 
I love the guitar tone and sound in this track. His voice is really gutteral too which I actually really like. The song is about being young and bored and reprimanded for it.

8. New Radicals | You Only Get What You Give
All time favourite song #2. I think the chord sequence is the thing I love most about this song, it has such a dreamy feel. I love the concept of the song too, I believe in Karma.

9. Buke And Gase | Hiccup 
This band is unreal, I saw them live very recently for the first time and it blew my mind. They are a duo and have homemade instruments, a buke (guitar and ukelele hybrid) and gase (a guitar bass hybrid). This track is so badass, lots of crunchy bass lines and a really powerful driving rhythm. I have no idea what the lyrics are about but that doesn't even matter because the arrangement is so interesting.

10. Adina Howard | Freak Like Me
All time favourite song #3. This was released in 1995 and ever since I first heard it (albeit being very very young), I will always count it as a favourite track of mine. The melody and lyrics are so soulful and the way she sings it is just attitude. I like songs that really represent the person who is singing them and this song is a crystal clear representation of Adina Howard. Just listen to it.