WARMER MIXTAPES #1236 | by Bree Castello [bree]

1. No Doubt | Bathwater 
I relate to every lyric in this song. It’s about being cheated on and still taking back your man. Takes some real guts to pick up the pieces and hand them back again like that.

2. Green Day | Brain Stew / Jaded
Growing up in a small town you understand boredom to the point of being so miserable you want to dig the eyeballs out of your head. You can only get so high.

3. Save Ferris | Everything I Want To Be
 All about fighting mediocrity and going after your dreams, which is something I live by!

4. Janis Joplin | Get It While You Can 
Should be engraved on my tombstone! Janis also had a huge influence on me as a singer and performer - she’s my hero

5. Everclear | I Will Buy You A New Life 
Sums up how I feel about my two older brothers who were thrown out of our Father’s cult with me. I can’t wait until we never have to struggle again. God knows we’ve been through enough!

6. T. Rex | Mambo Sun 
Such a sensuous groove. Reminds me of being underage tokin’ up in a basement with friends all night drinking Busch Light we paid an older kid to buy.

7. Amy Winehouse | Me & Mr Jones
She’s pulling so much Sexuality and Pain through this song I can’t help but belt it along with her in the shower. Love her. R.I.P., Angel...

8. The Beatles | Oh! Darling
The ultimate Love song! So passionate and I’m SUCH a sucker for that melody.

9. Lou Reed | Vicious 
There’s a raw Sexuality in this song that’s super playful and I love it.  Makes me miss NYC.

10. Buddy Holly | Well... All Right
Supposedly, this is the first song he ever wrote.  It has a Freshness and Simplicity that is Timeless and raw.  I’ll be recording it in November for our next album. We definitely make this song our own and I can’t wait to share it with everybody.