WARMER MIXTAPES #1238 | by Silvia Lăuneanu [Silvia] of De La Vegas

1. George Michael | A Different Corner
I was 13 when I first heard George Michael’s Music and I fell in Love with it and his voice on the spot. Apparently this was meant to be a long term relationship because I still feel the same way. I had a Walkman at the time and I used to fall asleep every single night listening to A Different Corner on repeat.

2. Jamiroquai | Blue Skies
A track that always gives me the travel bug . It reminds me of a trip to Croatia when, for almost 14 hours straight, I listened to Jamiroquai and this tune in particular. Listening to it makes me feel free and happy. I like to close my eyes and see myself floating above the Earth in an air balloon whenever I play it.

3. Beyoncé | Drunk In Love (feat. JAY Z)
Every time I listen to Beyoncé I feel a special kind of Power. I like the feel of this song. I like the way it depicts Love. And even if I’m not a drinker, I feel like getting drunk of Unconditioned Love! An undeniable voice, a flawless song and a huge artist!

4. Jay-Z + Alicia Keys | Empire State Of Mind
I love New York! Every time I hear this song it feels like hitting the streets of Manhattan. It’s the present-day version of Sinatra’s New York and it makes you feel American even if you are born in, let’s say, Timişoara... Alicia Keys expresses perfectly the special energy this magnificent city has to offer.

5. Duffy | Warwick Avenue
Even if I am a contagious optimist, there are times in Life when everyone feels a bit down. This is a wonderful song, very sad though, that anyone can empathize with. God forbid you listen to it after a breakup!

6. Pharrell Williams | Happy
Simply Happy! When I’ve heard it for the first time, it wasn’t released in Romania yet. Daniel Robu, who lives in Las Vegas, sent it to me and it got to me immediately. It felt so good that I began bouncing around the house! I loved it so much, I’ve set it as a ringtone on my phone and I used it as a main song for the Combat Fit training that I teach. After the song conquered Romania, I had to remove the ringtone, but it still is one of my favorite songs.

7. Anastacia | Not That Kind
Anastacia is a true artist with cojones - a great force on stage... Not That Kind is a kind of Funk that got deep into my system from first audition. It is a song that requires a great vocal technique. I use it during my vocal warm-up sessions. Then again, the song’s message fits me well. I’m not that kind of girl either...

8. Craig David | Hidden Agenda
When I say Craig David, I say Miami. I was very close to meeting him in person, on a terrace in Miami, back in 2007. I left early for the hotel that evening and when the rest of my friends returned they had photos and souvenirs from him. I enjoyed Craig David’s Music from before this moment, especially his Hidden Agenda track because it makes me feel worry-free. It has something to its tune that makes me smile. Don’t laugh now, but I used to put on my morning makeup whilst listening to it.

9. Christina Aguilera | Save Me From Myself
Probably every one of us needs to be saved from themselves at some point. In Life we can sometimes complicate things unnecessarily. We need to take a look in the mirror and see where we went wrong and listen to this wonderful song, if only for its artistic value.

10. Jamiroquai | Half The Man
This is the Love statement my boyfriend makes me, every day, since the day we’ve met... And I say this (ever so) modestly.