WARMER MIXTAPES #1247 | by Andrei Bucureci (Tunesinnaourheads, Ualvarin vs. Seibartut, The Shape Of Moombhaton, Abator Industries, Loungerie II), Cosmin Vasile Gabăr (Tunesinnaourheads, Ualvarin vs. Seibartut) and Răzvan Constantin Gabăr (Tunesinnaourheads, Abator Industries) of Crowd Control

SIDE A | by Cosmin Vasile Gabăr

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Californication
I will never get bored of Californication! Flea's grace-notes at the begining of the song, the balance of Chad Smith's drums and Frusciante's solo are constant reminders that you can hear this song forever. I still feel that after 14 years! P.S.: This song says it all about the record and the band!

2. John Frusciante | Song To Sing When I'm Lonely
This song really deserves its name. It's a very dear song to me. I like to hear it anywhere, anytime (on the streets, in the bus, in the subway, on the bike and, of course, at home!).

3. Dot Hacker | The Wit Of The Staircase
There's the piano and some percussion. Then Josh Klinghoffer's voice enters. Then the drums. There's a growing curiosity because of the song's crescendo. It reaches a point I really enjoy where the theme changes and I can't stop acknowledging: This is a cool song! At the end I hit repeat.

4. The Bicycle Thief | Cereal Song
This tune is sensitive and perfect all at once. The guitar is again played by John Frusciante. It's a composition that really asks for your complete concentration.

5. Jamiroquai | Falling
I sit on an armchair and this song blasts through the room. I hear the bassline and I can't stop keeping the tempo. This is something I'll surely be humming the whole day through.

6. Muse | Butterflies & Hurricanes
I really really like the intro this melody has and, of course, the agitated piano and the Uptempo enegetic outro.

7. The Music | Drugs
Rhythm, guitar, bass and vocals. All excellent!

8. Ian Brown | Me And You Forever (feat. Steve Jones and Paul Cook)
This is a truly genius piece of songwriting from a genius man - the harp, the violins, etc.! I can't but imagine dancing with a girl on this song!

9. Two Door Cinema Club | The World Is Watching (with Valentina)
From the first hearing the chorus becomes contagious. I personally like to click repeat every time I hear this tune.

10. Moby | Porcelain 
I strongly remember the Summer of 2000. Day after day I was waiting to catch the clip of this song on TV. This is a decisive year when I was making room in my life for a strong passion for Music... Step by step!

+11. alt-J | Taro
Taro is an extraordinary song from an excellent record!

SIDE B | by Răzvan Constantin Gabăr

1. Groove Armada | Paris 
This is a sad-happy song from the best album of the Groove Armada duo.

2. Muse | Screenager
This song is for me the golden ratio of their Origin Of Symmetry album.

3. Blur | Trimm Trabb
At the crossroads of 90's and 2000's there were two albums that twisted the face of Music: Kid A by Radiohead and 13 by Blur. In my opinion, the guys from Blur were one step ahead.

4. Soundgarden | Blow Up The Outside World
If you ask me, by the standards of Music parameters, Chris Cornell’s voice is the best in Rock. This song proves just that.

5. Snarky Puppy | Lingus
A devilish synth solo, it’s every keyboard player’s dream.

6. Thievery Corporation | The Glass Bead Game
This is a song with a Futuristic-Eclectic sound, perfect to take it with you on an island.

7. Oasis | Gas Panic!
The quintessence of the Brit Rock era. And for the last time, Oasis is not The Beatles from the 90's. Oasis is Oasis!

8. Air | La Femme D'Argent
Such a great bass line and great Fender-Rhodes melody, great orchestration from an excellent band. I can't imagine the Electronic Music’s Pantheon without the French duo Air.

9. Everything Everything | Come Alive Diana
Their debut album gave us songs like this one. It will become a 100% benchmark-album in the near future.

10. St. Germain | Pont Des Arts
At that time there were only a few DJ’s that could truly go live with their Music. Ludovic Navarre was one of them and I think his Music is a landmark in all Electronic Music with just only two albums. Two great albums that I can easily call masterpieces.

+11. Jamiroquai | Do You Know Where You're Coming From
Jamiroquai is for Acid Jazz what Blur is for Brit Pop. They cross the boundaries of the genre and gave us albums with a different sound every time they released Music. Just compare Emergency On Planet Earth with Synkronized!

+12. Radiohead | Go To Sleep
I think that this is the most underrated album of Radiohead, and it is my favorite. This material has songs with very strong connections between them, you can't listen them separately, not if you want to have a complete panoramic image of the album. Just like their 1998 LP OK Computer!

+13. Herbie Hancock | Butterfly
This song could hypnotize a cobra, but it works on humans as well. The transition from sax solo to Rhodes solo is pure genius!

+14. Errors | Tusk
This is definitely a leading group of the New Music generation today. Their combination of Electronic and Post Rock elements is flawless, just like in this song!

+15. Fragile State | Train Time
When you take an extraordinary Jazz pianist and put him in front of synths and a Fender Rhodes piano, then you obtain Fragile State. This project is on loop mode on my computer and my mp3 player since 2012!

+16. The Divine Comedy | Sticks And Stones
Neil Hannon is a genius! I would sell my soul for his voice and his melodic lines like in this song!

+17. Röyksopp | In Space
This song represents The Soundtrack Of My Life. Every second of it is such a sensorial ORGY!

+18. Elbow | Mirrorball
Now here’s a song written with Rainbow Musical Notes. I bet Peter Gabriel envies Guy Garvey for the melodic line of this song.

+19. The Verve | Appalachian Spring
Here’s a paradox - their comeback album from 2008 is stronger in a Musical way than their more successful materials from the 90's. I would decree this song an hymn for everything: Joy, Sadness, Love, Hate...

+20. These New Puritans | We Want War
This truly is the Music of the Future. That's all I need to say about this phenomenal band!

SIDE C | by Andrei Bucureci

1. Death From Above 1979 | Black History Month
If there would be a song that I’d wish I’d wrote this would be it. It has everything, the most catchy melody ever, perfect flawless guitar & drums and one of the greatest parody videos ever shown on MTV!

2. The Bug | Angry (feat. Tippa Irie)
This is the opening track from the superb LP London Zoo, where my favorite producer Kevin Martin creates an extraordinary mix between Futurism and Minimalism and keeps a steady balance between aggressive and sublime!

3. Malachai | I Deserve To No
This is a song from the third record of this Bristolian duo. This people are making Music solely to express Frustration, Contemporary Philosophy and Social Realities: the local UK color.

4. We Are Shining | Wheel
I think this duo are one of the 2014 revelations: they managed to make some kind of Afro-Fusion, an insane bridge between Fela Kuti, Jimi Hendrix, Electro Voodoo Music and Psychedelic Blues; I think their Music is very catchy and innovating in a Lo-Fi/Minimalistic way.

5. WEACE | I Don’t Care
Black Sifichi is an activist poet not far from being a genius. His two band mates perfectly complete his lyrics with sinuous synth chords and vivacious drumming creating an eclectic and hallucinatory sonic direction.

6. The Specials | Ghost Town
Despite the fact that everybody considers them a Ska band these guys have wrote songs like these that express a delusional Post-Apocalyptic attitude and in the same time keeping it in the Reggae and Dub genre; on the soundtrack of the British film Shaun Of The Dead it made me realize how visionary this song was and is, a truly groundbreaking effort.

7. Dub Gabriel | Is This Revolution? (feat. The Spaceape)
Another activist poet who manages to demonstrate with this collaboration with the American bass and Dub producer that Gil-Scott can be reinterpreted - especially his tune The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

8. Gil Scott-Heron | Me And The Devil (Robert Johnson's 'Me And The Devil Blues' Adaptation)
Mentioned above, this is a song off his latest record, this guy is my idol, a true messenger of our Contemporary Modern Reality; when I listen to the highly personal lyrics of this song I can’t help but think that there’s a sense of his end coming closer, Death - the vulture lurking at the studio’s door.

9. King Midas Sound | Lost
The man, Kevin Martin return here with Roger Robinson and, despite the fact that this is a blue-heart Love song, you can’t help but sense something malignly-contagious in it; it still speaks of the end of the World and about a lost cause.

10. Death Grips | Guillotine
This Industrial Noise Hip Hop band, now defunct, has really revolutionized an exaggerated scene, which entered and persists in Baroque era overblown by flamboyance and the smell of Death - I’m talking about the international/commercial/dead Rap Music!

+11. The Dream Diggers & Fane | War (feat. Vapsi)
Romania has Activist Hip Hop too! Quality production-wise and an overall Apocalyptic feel, really brings a fresh and warm change in this identity-crisis-ruled-scene – Romanian Rap.

+12. Gonjasufi | She Gone
Gonja really breaks anything that can be called boundaries in Music!

+13. Matisyahu | Youth
The Hasidic Reggae Superstar is somehow the voice of a generation and narrows the borders of Dancehall and Alternative; I try though to ignore his present Religiously-Politica tendencies, but when he wrote and sang this song he was making a different, more of a human statement.

+14. Plurabelle | Blood
Romanian producer Alex Bălă and Cristian Fierbinţeanu are the Franco-Romanian Indietronica superstars!

+15. Harlequin Jack | Investigate
In the Indie-Electro-Punk chapter we’re positioned quite well because of this band that should open every Artic Monkeys concert ever to take place on Romanian territory.

+16. Breathelast | Maluri (Acoustic)
I’m a fan of this guy - Mihai Andrei, and everything he does - The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Bloodway, and this song represents his maturity peak, there’s a feeling I have about him and his music, just like with Crowd Control, that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

+17. Karnivool | Set Fire To The Hive
This a great Aussie live band and the energy of this song rocks my world! Awesome guitar and bass, a little bit melodramatic vocals but this works and I gets me hyped.

+18. Amenra | Razoreater (Acoustic)
This is such a depressing song filled with Desperation and strong strong Surrender and Capitulation. SUICIDE SONG NR. 1.

+19. Cult Of Luna | Passing Through
SUICIDE SONG NR. 2 – damn, if this song isn’t exactly what it says, we’re just passing through Life like that - so dry, so pointless, so arid, so blank, so bare.

+20. Bauhaus | Bela Lugosi's Dead
Everytime I listen to this I can’t help but think where did I come from? Both sonically and the message – how the hell do you come up with that atmosphere? It’s Dub, it’s Post Punk, it’s somehow Industrial and highly Horror, Death is such an obsession, such a presence!

+21. Terry Callier | Live With Me (written with Massive Attack)
This man is dead, just like Gil-Scott. This fact fills me with tremendous sadness, it’s a reaction to the fact that even these people who are now immortal, and they deserve it because of the Premium Quality of their Music, are forever gone, nothing ain’t bringing them back, ever! Not even Time Travel!

+22. Dub Colossus | Madmen
This new record from a British-Ethiopean Dub-Jazz-Reggae band makes such waves that a tsunami would disperse over Lake Balaton!

+23. Moderat | Bad Kingdom
Apparat + Modeselektor = PURE GENIUS!

+24. TV On The Radio | Wolf Like Me
New-Yorkian Indie Alternative with cojones and Vision.

+25. Dean Blunt | Mersch
Mr. Blunt is a trillion times better than James and a million times more overlooked and overestimated! WHY, GODS, WHY?

+26. Massive Attack | I Against I (feat. Mos Def)
This song not only has the same message and name as the groundbreaking Bad Brains tune, but it’s got the perfect lyrical content about the INNER-WAR between Conscience, Ambition and Aspiration!

+27. Leonard Cohen | Tower Of Song
These are murderous rhymes that make deep scars in the UnconsciousnessI WAS BORN LIKE THIS, I had no choice, I was born with the gift of a

+28. Iggy Pop | Les Feuilles Mortes (Yves Montand/Irène Joachim Cover)
Sadness hurts and euthanasiates at the Godfather of Punk!

+29. Nicki Minaj | Stupid Hoe
This is a guilty pleasure of mine, I like its Punk attitude and the Creative Aggression.

+30. Chet Faker | 1998
Chet is Chet! And this is what he calls a House tune.

+31. Hauschka | Elizabeth Bay
This German composer makes Contemporary Classical Music with some Electronic influences; he’s very very good and I regret that I haven’t managed to see him in Sibiu this August.

+32. Bad Brains | She’s Calling You
I think that if I’d be the type of person with a favorite band… These guys would be IT – four Rasta Hardcore punks singing from back in the day: 1977 that is.

+33. Refused | New Noise
We’re entering the Hardcore Punk territory – there’s no words to describe how much I like to listen certain bands that make this type of Music; the energy, the message and these Swedes are SUPERB!

+34. Trash Talk | F.E.B.N

+35. At The Drive-In | Enfilade
This band has forever changed the rules of the game! Forever in my heart, Cedric and Omar – their performance at the Jools Holland show has redefined Live Television performances! YEAH!

+36. Skindred | The Fear
This is a Welsh Ragga Punk band that is usually a thousand times more aggressive than how they sound on this song. But the attitude stays the same!

+37. King Krule | The Noose Of Jah City
This redhaired would be a great thing to be seen live in Bucharest, if the people from the Summer Well Festival had some courage they would have brought him here so we can educate more our public!

+38. When Saints Go Machine | Love & Respect (feat. Killer Mike)
Danish band make the LAW in ELECTRO, nr. 1!

+39. Rangleklods | Clouds
Danish band make the LAW in ELECTRO, nr. 2!

+40. Stubborn Heart | Need Someone
Their concert in Control last year was UNIQUE and INSPIRING!

+41. Bilal | Sirens II
This is truly a siren song and it’s sung by a man and that makes it even more special! This guy Bilal is usually the mediocre R&B type, but with this song he nailed Immortality.

+42. Dirty Beaches | Sweet 17
Live this dude had given one of the best performances I’ve witnessed last year in Bucharest. Thank you, Control, once again! Don’t miss him live and please buy the records.

+43. Crosses | This Is A Trick
What’s better than Deftones? Crosses – another one of Chino’s projects.

+44. Breton | Edward The Confessor
The Second Best concert I’ve humbly witnessed last year, again in Control. I’ll be damned if they wouldn’t find a way to bring Joy Division there sometime. Maybe at least a hologram of Ian Curtis or maybe Peter Hook And The Light - that could be actually possible.

+45. Darkside | Paper Trails
Jaar & Harrington are last year’s REVELATION!

+46. Machinedrum | Gunshotta
Contemporary DUB ingeniously executed.

+47. Seun Kuti | IMF (feat. M1)
FELA has taught him well! IMF = International Mother Fucker.

+48. Kate Tempest | The Beigeness
A very promising young poet, a truly outstanding youth!

+49. Roots Manuva | Stolen Youth
This man is a veteran. He represents Spoken Word World Music and is highly influenced by DUB. RESTECPAH!

+50. Dub Pistols | Gangsters (feat. Terry Hall) (The Specials Cover)
Gangsters is special and a very good revitalized cover version. It is after the aforementioned The Specials and it's a different king of cover since the vocals are provided by the same man who sang on the original: Terry Hall. The lyrics are some sort of paraiona nonsense and have been inspirational ever since I began writing.

+51. Elektromekanik | You’re Mine
If Daft Punk would finally arrive in Romania, Victor Elektromekanik should definetly be the warm-up; SO I’VE SAID IT!

+52. Jon Hopkins | Abandon Window
This composer is making Classical Contemporary Music in a way it cannot be contained. He inspires me never to stop singing and composing in such a way I wish I just had nothing but all the time in the World inside a studio.

+53. Nils Frahm | Re
Mr. Frahm is the most sensitive and giving person in this Imaginary Mixtape. If I’d see him live I would definetly cry and die.

+54. SOHN | Bloodflows
SOHN = Mystery & Emotion.

+55. DJ Shadow | Six Days (feat. Mos Def) (Remix)
Shadow is what he will forever be casting.

+56. James Blake | Life Round Here (feat. Chance The Rapper) (Remix)
The brige between two worlds would seem impossible especially when everyone is pointing fingers and deeming it undoable.

+57. Dub Trio | No Flag (feat.  Mike Patton)
Dub mixed with my Hardcore Punk is my wet dream and, very much like everything in this World, it’s because of these guys... It would no longer be original.

+58. Vicktor Taiwò | Digital Kids (feat. Solomon)
Such a beautiful song and video, they always make me float.

+59. Enter Shikari | Constellations
This is a lovely song from an otherwise aggressive and Punktronica band. Plus seeing this guys live completely changed my perspective for how Music should be played.

+60. Kaleidonescu | The Following Days
These people from Cluj should be nominated to the Grammys and their record is a masterpiece from the artwork to the last sonic detail. Please, boys, come to Bucharest faster!

+61. Techno Animal | Dead Man’s Curse (feat. Roger Robinson)
Kevin Martin and Roger Robinson were a few places back King Midas Sound; now they’re at the beginning of their Musical affairs and I realize that Techno Animal is an unstoppable force that has actually stopped. Damn!

+62. Joywave | Tongues (feat. KOPPS)
Tongues is just perfect both Musically and its video too!

+63. Jamie Woon | Shoulda

+64. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip | Thou Shalt Always Kill
These boys are actually killing it LIVE. Their records are flawless and without compromise, filled with Wisdom and authentic Activism. This song is actually representing a generation who’s gods are not on vinyl! YEAH!

+65. Black Milk & BADBADNOTGOOD | Now Or Never
Hip-Hop Jazz is the greatest thing out there.

+66. Linton Kwesi Johnson | Bass Culture
The most important DUB POET NR. 1.

+67. Benjamin Zephaniah | Rong Radio Station
The most important DUB POET NR. 3.

+68. Easy Star All-Stars | Climbing Up The Walls (feat. Tamar-kali) (Radiohead Cover)
Radiohead made this song so it can be turned into a Reggae-Dub tune that haunts my dreams forever.

+69. Mutabaruka | Dis Poem
The most important DUB POET NR. 2.

+70. PiL | One Drop
John Lydon is SAINT PETER!

+71. Urban Dance Squad | Happy Go Fucked Up
These Dutch people have been so underrated, ignored and understeimated that I can easily call Contemporary Music industry a total fail!

+72. The Fall | Sir William Wray
Mark E. Smith is GOD!

+73. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll (Punk Song)
When in High School and even now I still go nuts because of this tune’s raw energy and lyrics!

+74. Mongol Horde | Blistering Blue Barnacles
Frank Turner sings annoying Folk Music and then he blasts this kind of groundbreaking Hardcore Punk. I thought I was a schizo!

+75. Mulatu Astatké | Yègellé Tezeta
This song should be hanged at The Louvre!

+76. Praxis | Worship
When Rock meets Dancehall it’s Paradise for ME! Plus the message of this song is insanely cool: RELIGIOUS CONSPIRACIES!

+77. The Cure | A Forest
Poetry in the EYES & MOUTH of MR. Smith.

+78. Efterklang | Black Summer
From Denmark with LOVE!

+79. Saint Etienne | Only Love Can Break Your Heart (feat. Moira Lambert) (Neil Young Cover)
I never thought this song could sound better than the original Neil Young version. I was terribly wrong!

+80. Halls | White Chalk
I think this kid is James Blake’s nephew. He should be!

+81. Yes | Roundabout
Prog Poetry and insane basslines!

+82. Genesis | I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Prog Abstract Art hanged outside the Tate!

+83. John Cooper Clarke | Evidently Chickentown
The most important PUNK POET FOREVER NR. 1.

+84. The Spaceape | On The Run 
The most important DUB POET NR. 4.

+85. Busdriver | Kiss Me Back To Life
This man makes such an eclectic Hip-Hop that I think he should be President of the USA!

+86. Glass Animals | Woozy (feat. Jean Deaux)
Future Mercury Prize Winners! TRUST ME!

+87. RATKING | So Sick Stories (feat. King Krule)
Hip Hop made from broken glass and blood found on the ground outside a London subway station connected somehow with the New York Underground.

+88. Foals | Inhaler

+89. Stateless | This Language (feat. Lateef The Truthspeaker)
Where did these guys left? Please come back 'cause I need more good Music in my life.

+90. Trwbador & Essa | Breakthrough
Something different that fits here now.

+91. Space | Armageddon 
My favorite Brit Pop band. I love them not only because they sing about the End of the World and other crazy insane stuff...

+92. Mavado | Delilah
This dude is my alter-ego born and raised in the streets of Kingston, JA.

+93. Kahn | Badman City (feat. Flowdan)
The meanest, muggiest & dirtiest song in my playlist.

+94. Garisson Hawk With Sly & Robbie | Apocalypse
Rasta singing about the End of the World. ME GUSTA!

+95. Flatbush Zombies | Thug Waffle 

+96. Nas | The Don 
Nas is my favorite rapper and I’m not ashamed to say it. Live he’s better with a full backing band though.

+97. OutKast | Chonkyfire
Jimi Hendrix was from Atlanta. Trust me!

+98. The Bridge Committee | Fuck That (feat. Rage)

+99. Weapons | Thieves (feat. Jem)
Why did these people disappeared after only one record? The World is a cruel cruel place!

+100. Fjokra | Get Amongst It 
This one-man-army band is also a schizo. Talented motherfucker!

+101. 18+ | Crow 
18+ is the kinky dirty version of The xx!

+102. Beck | Devil’s Haircut 
This song is the reason I got into Music. To chase the blues away with a Beatbox and a cool hairdo!

+103. New Order | Brutal (The Beach Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Damn, New Order are GOOD! This was on the Original Soundtrack of DiCaprio’s The Beach. Hmmm, that scene with him and the shark is such a romantic one. I think it’s better than the one where he goes ice cold underwater in that other chick flick!

+104. Pet Shop Boys | Invisible 
Boys have created ART… Again!

+105. Richard Ashcroft | Song For The Lovers 
The most depressingly romantic song I’ve ever heard!

+106. The Courteeners | You Overdid It Doll

+107. The Stone Roses | Made Of Stone 

+108. Interpol | Lights 
WHATEVER HE SAYS - HE’S LYING! I have to end the Black chapter of my playlist with this song.

+109. Fine It’s Pink | Secret Island 
This is Romanian Post Rock/Dream Pop made in Iaşi and it's sounding excellently Psychedelic live. Plus visually they are groundbreaking!

+110. Damian Marley | Stuck In Between 
Junior Gong Zilla is talking on this one about Poligamy. The riddim is perfect, the flow just as well. Party on!

+111. Us3 | Eleven Long Years
Reggae Hip-Hop Jazz from before Cobain died. Dam, that original Jazz song from Horace Silver is awesome!

+112. Mad Lion | Take It Easy 
Take It Easy is just as classic as Jump Around and Insane In The Brain, but just much much more underrated. And I have no idea why.

+113. Protoje | Kingston Be Wise
This is far from a happy song, but its message is of such a deep Positivity that it counteracts its tone and lyrics.

+114. Kabaka Pyramid | King Kabaka
Reggae and Dancehall fused with Hip Hop has become some sort of a cliché, but this Jamaican has the lyrical approach of a machine-gun and delivers a strong message in a very unique way.

+115. Promoe | Fit You Haffe Fit
This is a Swedish vegan that has nailed in his career the World’s Graffiti Artists Anthem and now with this song the World’s Joggers Anthem. This song communicates that we all should be fit and have a healthy happy life.

+116. Sizzla | Pay To Learn 
Kalonji is one of the most prolific Reggae artists in JA and he’s definetly nailed the Golden Ratio, in my humble opinion, with this song! It really proves that Reggae has Soul.

+117. Faithless | Fatty Boo
These people were always in Love with Reggae and Maxi Jazz has a voice especially made for riddims and toasting.

+118. Schlachthofbronx | Melt (feat. Warrior Queen)
Party song that sees Jamaican culture clash with German Experimental Dance Music. Such an annoying song that it’s actually so damn good!

+119. Patrice | God Bless You La La La (feat. Cody ChesnuTT)
I can say that this is one hell of an optimistic tune. In a way that only Soul-meets-Reggae could explode and turn everyone into Happiness zombies.

+120. Electric Brother | Ontanara (feat. Bouba Sylla)
Romanian producer goes World Music on this record and he does it in beautiful honest way. When I was working at Radio Guerrilla this used to be on rotation. It was a nice breath of Fresh in general.

+121. The Crystal Method | Drown In The Now (feat. Matisyahu)
When it comes to Dance Music, The Method are Expert level.

+122. Azealia Banks | 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
Lil' Miss Banks has a crazy flow and more attitude than Jay-Z and Kanye West altogether.

+123. Coldcut | Stop This Crazy Thing (feat. Junior Reid)
Plunderphonic Music is the ultimate definition of Electronic Music. The duo behind Coldcut has thus shaped the face of Music with their eclectic approach. I mean songs, besides featuring a Reggae/Dancehall star and lots and lots of samples, also features Tarzan and Grieg. I mean no normal mind can put all those in the same sentence, nonetheless in the same song. And it all happened quite early, before the nineties.

+124. The Chemical Brothers | Believe (with Kele Okereke)
The Brothers gonna work it out and alongside Kele, one of the sweetest voice in Contemporary Music, they have created some sort of Hope celebrating song. Even though there’s a bittersweet feel in there too… Like a double edged knife of some sorts.

+125. Sonic Youth | Mote 
This tune inspired the Brixton Riot song from Crowd Control, more exactly the lyrics and message. I am very sure that in an alternate universe this is my favorite song like FOREVER!

+126. Lee “Scratch” Perry | Pum Pum
The man is the CREATOR of all Electronic Music on the planet and possibly from many many other galaxies because he definitely is ALIEN to the Milky Way. This is one of his turn-of-the-century party anthems.

+127. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Humani Dub | 321 Ska! 
Mr. Blakkamoore is one of my favorite Reggae artists. He’s got such an apocalyptic approach that I cannot but find him graceful and Inspirational. Despite this, because of his joyous attitude on this song I had to choose it for the White chapter.

+128. Toddla T | Badman Flu (with Andulus, Mr. V, Serocee)
The definite Party song is about some sort of a Dance Mania virus. It makes archbishops twerk and shite like that. Just the image of that is PURE GREATNESS thus making Toddla T some kind of Avant-garde Electro Warrior.

+129. Serge Gainsbourg | Aux Armes Et Cætera
I think that this man, Mr. Cabbage-Head has really shaped the form of Contemporary Music. And he was just as charismatic and a charmer as Woody Allen. This is him in his best shape making Bob Marley’s wife sing dirty lyrics on his album.

+130. Marlon Roudette | Nice Things 
Mattafix is now gone, but thank God and Jah that the Music Industry in its filthiest form hasn’t yet drowned Marlon into Pop obscurity and he still found the hope and time to record a natural and sincere Reggae tune.

+131. Ian Dury | Wake Up And Make Love To Me 
Mr. Dury alongside Rakim and Chuck D is one of the best wordsmiths of the 21st Century!

+132. Happy Mondays | 24 Hour Party People 
I got a few people that have compared me with Shaun Ryder and the fact that he is tuneless. Well, the truth is that alongside Mark E. Smith, Ian Curtis, Ian Dury and John Lydon, Mr. Ryder is also a true GENIUS and he doesn’t need a voice, he’s a poet, in this case a very good street poet, and that’s enough. I think that everybody knows, it’s better to portrait Reality with a different kind of voice than to be just another voice. WORD!

+133. The Stranglers | Peaches 
This band is a mammoth of the Rock Pantheon. They were subtle but they were also cheeky and perverted. I just love this sleazy Funky song that is extremely sexist and endeavoring.

+134. Tricky | Silly Games (feat. Tirzah) (Janet Kay Cover)
Every once in a while Mr. Adrian Thaws comes around and kicks us in the face with unpredictable cover versions. This song is a classic Lovers Rock track from the eighties and I think alongside another cover of his, made after Kylie Minogue’s Slow, are some of gentlest and most subtle of his tunes.

+135. Boy George | My Star 
Boy George’s latest record is a very very good mixture of Pop and Reggae. This song is a masterpiece that recalls of Gregory Isaacs' Night Nurse.

+136. ULL | The Record (featuring Elliott Smith)
This singer-songwriter's suicide is a tremendous loss to the American Musical heritage. What I like when I hear this song is that he experimented with Electronic Music too!

+137. King Crimson | Lizard 
While I was in High School I had a teacher very fond of Prog Rock and this man, let’s call him Mr. Teti, has introduced me to a lot of bands that were new and interesting to me, bands that made Pop Music feel like a micro world, because while Pop was filled with tiny episodes, Prog had full scale movies and symphonies just like this record from King Crimson; this track has over twenty minutes and it’s quite epic and classically oriented.

P.S.: And, yes, no Arctic Monkeys in my playlist. Some other time... Maybe.