WARMER MIXTAPES #1286 | by Manuel C. [Feexer]

1. Eurythmics | When Tomorrow Comes
Walls, Magic, Purple, Mystery, Unknown. I was just a little kid when my older brother was used to play this record at home. A great song from a great band that often comes back to my mind, bringing back all that imagination and that will to play that was deep inside me at that time.

2. Nirvana | Sappy
Angst, Red, Diving, Different, Explosion. I was listening to In Utero, the album that made me discover Nirvana when I was 12, since a few weeks when I heard that Kurt Cobain was found dead in Seattle. His songs have been part of all my life, of joys and miseries. Also one of the first songs I played with my brother's guitar. Total.

3. Tool | Sober
Dark, Blue, Special, Illusion, Mechanical. Sober represents a sort of revolution during my experience with Music. An injection of Order and Stability, of Rhythm and Power into the extreme disorder of a teenager felt in Love with Music.

4. Deftones | Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
Rage, Travel, Love, Instability, Dreams. Summer: I was 16 and I suddenly decided that a girl I was going out with was the right one for me. I left home at 6am, took a bus and reached her on vacations 200km from home. When I got there she was really confused and I just said I'm happy to be here. The perfect soundtrack for all that mess was precisely this song.

5. Radiohead | No Surprises
Unfit, Shame, Yellow, Fellowship, Alcohol. Quiet tunes with destabilizing lyrics. I use to like them, most of all when they come from one of the greatest bands ever. I've always considered Radiohead like the guys who've always did what they wanted. I'm sure that simplifies too much something very complex as their career is, but it makes me feel good thinking that someone is actually able to do that in Music.

6. Vex Red | The Closest
Taste, Competitiveness, Surprise, Pride, Dimensions. One night I went to a party and I found myself alone in a friend of mine's bedroom. I decided to have a look at his CDs collection and my hand automatically picked up an album with a weird cover. After listening to the first two tracks I decided to leave the party with an excuse. How could Vex Red split up after that marvelous first record? Never understood, really.

7. Massive Attack | Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Waves, Instability, Black, Emerging, Future. It's like a clock inside my head and it tastes like a breakfast full of energy and great hopes. Or like one of those moments of your life when everything seems to suddenly stop to give you time to realize something very important about yourself.

8. A Perfect Circle | The Outsider
Chances, Roots, Colors, Reliability, Lightness. The everlasting soundtrack of my 20s, walking with me every morning when I took my train to go to attend lessons at University or driving me back home after an infinite night out with friends. A fine combination of Power and Melody. Stunning.

9. Fink | This Is The Thing
Substance, Romance, Intensity, Pure, Yesterday. I don't know if you noticed anything different. Well, I did. This melody is able to play strings that are deep inside my heart, always telling me or making me notice something different. Simplicity is the way to Beauty. Small rooms and open spaces at the same time. I decided to ask Max Gilkes to work with me thanks to this album he mastered for Fink.

10. Nero | Promises
Rupture, Novelty, Rioting, Glory, Grey. I would describe this song as a romantic street riot. It supplied me with all the energy I needed in a very difficult period of my life, helping me deciding to shut the door in front of some very arrogant people's faces. Groovy satisfaction.