WARMER MIXTAPES #1289 | by John Norman

1. Joy Division | Love Will Tear Us Apart
I didn’t grow up listening to Joy Division, but I knew of them. One of my good friends in Middle School listened to them though. I was really into Metallica at the time and found anything other then Metallica, Pantera and Slayer to not be Heavy enough. It wasn’t until late 2007 when the film Control came out, that I read up about the band and Ian Curtis, and started listening to a lot of their Music. Sometimes I wish I was born about 10 years earlier, but then I wouldn’t born on the same day as a really famous musician who was killed.

2. John Lennon | Imagine
John Lennon was shot outside his home in New York City on December 8, 1980, the same day that I was born. As one John came into the World, another left it. I never learned to play the piano, but I did learn to play guitar, bass guitar and drums and was in a few small bands before finding Dance Music as a true passion of mine.

3. Orbital | Halcyon + On + On
First heard this song when watching the film Hackers. It’s the Opening Theme Song, and just sets the tone. It has been in loads of other film scores as well. I really love the way the tune is constructed, with the pulsing bottom-end and the soaring vocals. It seems to never age.

4. David Bowie | Fame
An absolutely great tune! David Bowie is an absolute legend and inspiration, and so much of his Music is influential that it was tough to pick just one song. But Fame has this great straightforward yet rhythmically interesting beat, and Ii absolutely love the vocals.

5. Tim Deluxe | It Just Won’t Do (feat. Sam Obernik)
A track that does it for me every time. 6 years ago, if you saw me playing at a show, you were almost guaranteed to hear me drop some version of this track. Probably my favourite go-to party track of all time.

6. Counting Crows | Colorblind
My wedding song with my wife, which I guess is a sort of a strange choice, but its orchestration is beautiful, and the poetic lyrics are about admitting to yourself that you’re ready to make a choice to be with a person who perhaps challenges you and may in some ways be your opposite, but at the same time you bring out the very best in one another.

7. Eric Clapton | Tears In Heaven (Rush Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
My late step father introduced me to a different side of Rock and Folk Music that I would have never been exposed to by myself with the choice of Music I was listening to at the time. But, I did enjoy what he opened my eyes to. I found a lot of good artists and bands through him and I thank him for that.

8. Moby | Porcelain
Moby has been an influence in my musical life for a very, very long time. There are so many good songs that he has made over the years, it’s unfair to be selecting only one, but if I had to I would say it was Porcelain. Go was an absolute smasher of a track, but there is something about Porcelain that really gets me.

9. Metallica | (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
One of the best bass solos I have ever heard by one of the greatest bassists that ever lived. He played bass guitar not using a pick, but using his fingers. Finger picking and strumming along with a wah-wah pedal for effects. This song featured his signature bass solo featured in Metallica’s first album Kill ‘Em All.

10. Sneaker Pimps | Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix) 
This remix by Armand Van Helden has been a straight up party track for me for years. The original is a great tune, and in my opinion this remix is an example of what the very best remixes are supposed to do, by enhancing the strengths of the track and giving it an entirely different feeling, while still remaining true to the essence of the original.