WARMER MIXTAPES #1293 | by Matthew Sklar (Little Insects, Sur La Plage), Moire Echo [Moire Key] and Myles Peterson of Exiles

SIDE A | by Moire Echo

1. Duncan Sheik | Barely Breathing 
This is one of my favorite songs of the 90's. Very nostalgic, it reminds me of driving around with my family in Canada. This used to play on the radio all the time.

2. The National | Pink Rabbits
I was introduced to this song by a guy I no longer know. He was very interesting but also very odd and confusing. I don't talk to him anymore, and it's not like he left a huge impact on my life at all, but whenever I hear this song, I think of him and wonder what he's up to or what his life is like. And this song is all about Memory, so, I think that's very fitting. It's very melancholic and I love that. Those are my favorite types of songs.

3. Arcade Fire | Cold Wind (Six Feet Under Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
There's much speculation as to the meaning of this song, but for me, it's a man singing this song after he has died. The lyrics become even more meaningful that way and they really make sense. It's SO beautiful. Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands and songs like these, that make you feel something (like all the songs on this playlist!), are why I love Music.

4. Radiohead | Fake Plastic Trees 
So Radiohead is my all-time favorite band. My problem here was trying to decide which of their songs to include in this list, but, in the end, I decided on this one, since this song (and album) is probably the one that first hooked me. The melancholia in this song is so gorgeous and Thom Yorke's voice is just so lovely.

5. A Perfect Circle | 3 Libras
This song is really beautiful. And it's angsty, without being overbearing. Also, that fingerpicking progression is kind of hypnotic.
6. James Blake | Retrograde 
I can't say enough about this song. His crooning voice along with that dark melody just equals a super well made song. And the build up at the end is perfect. It gives me chills.

7. Editors | Open Your Arms
I discovered this band in High School and I've been obsessed with them ever since. This song is so chill, yet you can totally feel the darker layers of Emotion. This song, to me, has a pent up energy just below the surface. I always feel like there's this never ending epic energy bubbling just beneath the guitars. Also, again, I had trouble trying to decide which song from this band to include, but The Back Room album was what introduced me to these awesome guys, so a song from that album made sense.

8. Okkervil River | For Real 
Darkest. Lyrics. Ever. This song is dark as hell and I think that's what makes it so gorgeous. It just goes there. Also the guitar that comes in randomly at the beginning of the song scared the crap out of me the first time I heard it... And then I was hooked.

9. Beach House | Walk In The Park
A great example of how powerful Music is. This song helped me get over the worst break up I've ever had. After the break up, I just listened to this song on repeat, and cried and listened and cried until I felt better. The lyrics were so relatable. My favorite lyrics from this song are In a matter of time, it would slip from my mind. In and out of my life, you would slip from my mind. Those definitely got me through such an intense period. I'm super grateful to Beach House for making this song.

10. Red House Painters | Katy Song 
Mark Kozelek is my favorite king of melancholia. I have no words for this song. This song kills me in the most awesome way possible.

+11. Lea Michele | Mama Who Bore Me (Spring Awakening Original Broadway Cast Recording, 2006)
Literally any song from the Rock Musical Spring Awakening. The best, just the best songs, and the story, ugh, yes. So good. Music is actually by Duncan Sheik who is mentioned first on this list.

SIDE B | by Matthew Sklar

1. Belle & Sebastian | A Summer Wasting
I had to include Belle & Sebastian on this list. Their Music has meant so much to me over the years. I discovered them with The Boy With The Arab Strap LP, so it has a special place in my heart – an underrated album in their canon. Stuart Murdoch was still at the peak of his lyrical prowess. Every song of his tells a story and takes you somewhere different and special. He's able to take a simple Pop ditty like A Summer Wasting and fill it with so much depth and melancholy with his lyrics and voice.

2. Super Furry Animals | Some Things Come From Nothing
Super Furry Animals is the kind of band that can dabble in any Music genre and still always stay true to themselves. They can do Glam Pop, Pastoral Folk, Heavy Metal, Retro Psychedelia and it all gets filtered through their own sensibility. They are insanely talented songwriters. Some Things Come From Nothing is kinda their skewed take on Electronic Music and they do it quite well.

3. Spoon | Peace Like A River (Paul Simon Cover) (Live At 103 WRNR Private Artist Showcase)
This is a cover of one of my favorite Paul Simon songs by one of my favorite bands. They Rock it out a bit more than the original, but Spoon always keeps things cool. Spoon's very good at keeping things cool.

4. Blur | This Is A Low
This song instantly transports me to rainy London. Sad, melancholy, gloomy, wonderful rainy London. Whenever I visit London this song runs through a loop in my head. Damon Albarn is one of those singers who knows how to use the limitation of his vocal range to his advantage. Like Dylan. He's not always in key, but he makes it work for the song. And Graham Coxon pulls out my favorite guitar solo of all time. Magical.

5. The Walkmen | In The New Year
The Walkmen have a very Surfy, reverb-drenched guitar sound, but all of my favorite songs of theirs make me think of Winter time in New York. I think it's the chiming organ sounds. We've Been Had off their first album instantly takes me back to when I first moved to NYC after College, walking around the streets in the winter. In The New Year is another one that always seems to get played around Christmas time in my house. It has a very strange song structure. The way it just keeps building with this ascending chord and then comes back down. Tension and release.

6. Elton John | Burn Down The Mission
The bass line alone is enough to include this song. Elton is a master songwriter, and, as you can tell from this list, I hold the song in high esteem.

7. The La's | There She Goes
This is just the perfect Pop song. Whoever doesn't like this song probably doesn't care much for Pop Music in general, I suppose. That's fine, but I don't think I'd want to know that person. I don't think we'd have much in common.

8. Yuck | Rebirth
This is Shoegaze Heaven for me. This song takes me to the Ocean. I'm just floating in the Ocean when I listen to this song.

9. Television | Venus
Quintessential New York Cool. The bouncy bassline, the angular guitars, the crazy-ass lyrics (Richie said 'Hey Man, let's dress up like cops, think of what we could do')... Would there be The Strokes without Television? I don't think so.

10. The Beatles | Here Comes The Sun
My wife and I danced to this song at our wedding. Actually we danced to the Belle & Sebastian cover version, but the original one's not too bad. Not much you can say about this song. Probably the prettiest song ever written, in my opinion.

+11. The Boo Radleys | Wake Up Boo!
A close second to The La's song for the perfect Pop song honors.

+12. The Beach Boys | Feel Flows
To quote Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes BackIt's like something out of a dream...

+13. Paul Williams | Someday Man

SIDE C | by Myles Peterson

1. Ty Segall | You're The Doctor
Other members of Exiles can confirm that I never shut up about Ty Segall and how great he is, this song gets me fired up every time I hear it.

2. The Stooges | Fun House
I was lucky enough to get to dance on stage with Iggy And The Stooges while they played this song.

3. 13th Floor Elevators | Slip Inside This House
Really late to the party on the 13th Floor Elevators, they're great and I haven't stopped listening to them.

4. White Fence | Baxter Corner (Live In San Francisco)
This is an amazing Live record and this song in particular kicks ass. Ty Segall produced his new record which I can't wait for.

5. Liquor Store | Midnight Walker
This whole album is great, go see them live.

6. Mac DeMarco | Chamber Of Reflection
This song caught me by surprise, it's what made me go from really liking it to loving it.

7. Ex-Cult | Midnight Passenger
This whole album is great and the title track is one of my favorite songs of summer 2014...

8. Thee Oh Sees | Transparent World
I'm glad their hiatus was brief, one of the most fun live bands out there.

9. Human Eye | Surface Of Pluto
I bought this record because Tom Scharpling recommended it and I can't stop listening to it.

10. High On Fire | Eyes And Teeth
If I've had a couple drinks I can't not air guitar the last minute and a half of this song.